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    I'm so glad this happened!

    I missed this place. how has everyone been?

    Sidearms & Scatterguns a little 1911 advice if you would please

    my first 1911 was a AMT Hardballer. I bought a Kimber after that and have a few others I want to buy as well. I have thought about selling the AMT, but I hate to sell my firearms. it shoots good, but needs a trigger job. I bought some Wilson internals for it and wanted to install them myself. I...

    Gunsmithing whats the going rate for threading a barrel?

    I need a barrel threaded and id like to see who does what and for how much. do we have a list of smiths on here? so far its looking like $100 to $150 is the going rate and a little more for a blended thread protector. that touch would be nice, but im ok with just an off the shelf thread...

    folding or collapsible stock for .22lr AR?

    without buying that LAW adapter? I saw the LOKI PDW, but I heard they are out of business? I think spikes makes something too. anyone have any ideas? since I don't need the buffer tube I just wanted to do something different

    anyone tried one of the new high rate of fire triggers?

    Hiperfire and there is another one too. hiper is a bump fire from what I read. the other has a short reset. both are close to or over $500. just curious if they will catch on

    post quotes??

    I get notifications that I have a post quote. I click in and it takes me to my profile page, not to the post quote? how do I either see the post quote or stop the notifications?

    QD mount for an AR. which one works?

    this is for the stock end. I am looking at Fortis, Noveske and KZ. I have one AR with a UBR so it has a QD built in. I have another AR with a DPMS 5-6 position stock and id like to add a QD to the rifle to allow the magpul sling I have to work on these two. fortis noveske KZ any...

    new 22lr ar upper

    that I built. I had an upper, spotted the barrel and 22lr conversion at midway for 270. its a 1/16 and has the wasp coating. bought a YHM clamp on front sight, forgot to get the picture with it up, and I had a MOE rifle length and the barrel nut/delta ring and stuff. it was a tight fit. the...

    whats new and exciting in the 308 AR handguard arena?

    I have a second MATEN upper to build and I cant really find anything I like for a hand guard/fore end. I like the diamondhead stuff, but it looks like its 223/556 only. I have a badger stabilizer on the upper I have now, and I want something different for the new upper. don't really want rails...
  10. AXEMAN

    cmmg drop in 22 conversion

    just snagged one on sale at midwayusa with a barrel for a dedicated upper. anyone use the special charge handle they sell? says its made to prevent jams, has a shallow channel and no hole for the gas key. I was thinking of filling mine with bedding compound, but for the $20 I may just get the...
  11. AXEMAN

    ar conversion barrel and bolt from cmmg

    its on clearance sale at midwayusa for $264 which is $279 shipped. that's cheaper than brownells wholesale for the barrel and drop In action by $120
  12. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes is there a 300 blk scope yet?

    I know there was a Nikon 2-7 coming out. I think leupold has a 300 based something for 1300ish. just curious now that I have one that needs optics. oh and shameless plug, that primary arms 1-6 looks nice for $250 and would be sweet with a 300 reticle thanks in advance for your input
  13. AXEMAN

    i wondered how long it would take for a knock off...

    of a Seekins design. Dahmer arms looks to have done it. or is it just me?
  14. AXEMAN

    Rifle Scopes Nikon P-300 BLK 2-7x32 scope

    anone try this out yet? ive seen the 308 and 22 versions posted about here, and went back 5-7 pages. i cant figure out how to search the individual threads yet either. anyone have any info or comments on this scope?
  15. AXEMAN

    Suppressors gun trusts beware... i spotted this on the yahoo news crawl on their home page
  16. AXEMAN

    anyone have an eTrex or similar GPS?

    i walk my dogs 3-5 miles every day and took the gps with me just to get used to it and stuff. i notice that as i wear it around my neck, the back being rubberized and somewhat tacky, it tends to get flipped so its face side against my chest and not reading or registering the sattelites. anyone...
  17. AXEMAN

    does anyone make a barrel shroud?

    i know they have fake supressors, but i just want a shroud that will cover some of the barrel from the muzzel back to the gasblock. i searched and found one company, alumalite has them for $60, and he isnt replying to emails so i thought id ask. i need 5/8"-24 its purely cosmetics. thats all...
  18. AXEMAN

    spikes lower captured spring question

    hey i have a spikes lower and i noticed the spring hole for the takedown pin is threaded. anyone know that size or have a little hex head screw for that?
  19. AXEMAN

    i snagged a DPMS lower parts kit

    but they seem to have changed the contents. now they do not include the buffer retaining pin and spring and the trigger guard and roll pin. anyone know when that started? seems odd not to have them in there.
  20. AXEMAN

    Gunsmithing question about 1911 parts

    ok so my first 1911 was an AMT Hardballer. i wanted to get a 1911 cheap but not trash and see if i even liked the way it felt, how the controls are and if i could operate them. i bought a kimber after that and now i have been buying stuff here and there. i bought the kuhnhausen? 1911 manual and...