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    22lr bc value

    I'm using Ballistic AE, along with their published BC and trueing the velocity at roughly 100yds. So far, the output has been very good inside 200. It's when I get past there, that the app and impacts are nowhere close to being the same. Is that potentially due to a large reduction in BC at...
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    Ammo consistency comparison

    I received a couple lines of Eley ammo yesterday that I've never shot, so I decided to do a quick comparison. Tikka t1x KRG Bravo Area 419 30moa base Trigger reducer spring Harris bipod Meopta optika 6 3-18x56 FFP MRAD (10 rounds each) Eley Target (gold) Loaded Round weight- min 50.8 max...
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    cz457 action

    I'd like to slowly piece together a 457 trainer . Can bare cz457 actions be bought?
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    Rifle Scopes Bushnell LRHSi successor?

    Since the LRHSi is discontinued, do they have a premium hunting scope lined up to take it's place? I know the LRTSi is really close with the exception of the reticle and exposed windage (both things that made me want the LRHSi). Hopefully they weren't counting on the forge to take it's place?
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    Tripod Rifle Clamp Options

    I'm starting my search for a rifle clamp to fit on my tripod, so I'm trying to see who all makes them. Did I miss any? Pig/Hog saddle $135-$300 Triclawps $150 Freedom Gunworks $175 Lockhart $100 Bo-tach poly/alum $125-$200 RRS $295
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    Rifle Scopes Why did it have to be Leupold...

    I'm looking for my next long range hunting scope. I have a few criteria that I'd like to have: <29oz 3 to 5x on the low end (the more FOV the better) 15 power or more exposed elevation turret with zero stop capped (or locking) windage illuminated decent MOA or MIL hash reticle Focal plane isn't...
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    As I was looking into piecing together my next rifle, I just learned about something called an Excise Tax. I always found it odd that I could go to a gunsmith's website, pick out the stock, barrel, action, trigger, etc, as well as his advertised rates to chamber, bed, etc, and always come up a...
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    Gunsmithing m700 / dbm feeding issue

    I've got a feeding issue in my 700sa in 243win. The stock is a greybull precision (made by B&C), seekins dbm, magpul 700 5rd mag. When everything is bolted together, the round's rim sits too low and the bolt won't catch it, but the tip of the bullet looks to be very high. Is the remedy to mill...
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    Rifle Scopes The next big thing???

    Granted, I haven't been on the forums like I used to be in a long time, but I'm seeing a big shift in optics over the past year. I'm not currently in the market for a new scope but I do enjoy researching and whatnot around new glass. That being said, the biggest changes I'm interested in are the...
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    Couple of issues with my Mauser K98

    this isn't much of a "vintage sniper rifle" but i'm looking for some help. I bought this from a guy whose friend built it as his project in gunsmithing school. Mauser K98 action timney trigger shilen barrel chambered in 450 bushmaster issues: #1) it looks like the follower was...
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    Maggie’s The Future of Equip. Operators?

    supposedly a 5yr old chinese kid running the loader like a champ!
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    AR handguard

    guys- i'm slow when it comes to ARs but i do have a question. I have a S&W mp15 carbine in 223. I just bought a 6.8 barrel in rifle length along with the bolt-gas tube. I want to buy a Hogue free float handguard (m:15008) but i can't tell if it is rifle length or not, do you know? also- do i...
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    Rifle Scopes Base to action level?

    I put a new weaver 1913 rail on my m700 .223 last night. I have a gap bewteen on the back receiver bridge- big whoop- I have plans to bed that tonight. My problem came when I wanted to check the level of the action to level of the base. evidently there is a good bit of play left/right in the...
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    Gunsmithing reaming a 6.5x47 to 6.5 creedmoor

    When I was reloading and shooting a lot, I had a sweet 6.5x47 built because I was reloading. Now that I'm not reloading but want to shoot factory ammo, I want to switch out to a Creedmoor. My question is this- Can the barrel be rechambered to a 6.5 Creed without having to cut the barrel lenght?
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    custom(ish) Tikka t3

    So- I wanted to build a lightweight hunting rifle off the Tikka t3 because the thing just feels so good. I found a 308 and shot it as a factory gun but had already planned on rebarreling, NO need, the thing shot 1/2" with factory ammo. I shipped it out to Kampfeld Customs to flute the barrel...
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    Member Link Up Moving to NY...

    Hey guys- I'm moving from CO/WY this week out to Niagara, NY. I'm sure it will be a huge culture shock from shooting where/when I want... I'd like to get with some fellow hiders for info on shooting/hunting oportunities within an hour from Niagara. Any help would be most appreciated. Also- Is NY...
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    Short action/short throw

    I've got a couple m700's and a Stiller but for some reason I was a different setup. I'm thinking in preference order: T/C Icon A-bolt Sako Tikka t3 T/C venture I really like all of these but don't see man builds off of them. I would stay with smaller calibers such as 22-250 or a 223. Seems...
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    anybody stock .224 53gr V-max?

    I've looked at every vendor I could think of. Everyone says "backorder!" The only luck I have had is buying the superformance loaded with this.... I just want the bullet!!! any suggestions?
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    Rifle Scopes g7 scopes by Nightforce

    Anybody seen these yet? The guys that have the spin off show of "best of the west" dropped the huskemaw and went to a g7 Nightforce. How much do you think they added/changed? reticlue, and custom turrets?
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    Rifle Scopes Rebranding Scopes

    Does every scope company do this? I was flipping through my latest Cabelas shooting catalog and ran across a Blackhawk Tactical scope. Just so happens it looks just like my Weavers... Only more Expesive...