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    Reloading Equipment WTB or Trade for small pistol primers S.E. Texas

    As title says. I am looking for a couple of bricks of small pistol primers. I can trade even for just about any other size primers or will pay cash (I do have a limit above which I will not pay). Most of my primers are Federal. I will come to you.
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    Accessories WTB Spuhr 4602 Mount

    As title shows. New scope coming and I am trying to save a bit of coin. 460
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    FNH SCAR 16S/17S Barrel Extention Screw

    MGW has these highly sought after items back in stock.
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    Not really Marksmanship question but quite possibly still stupid

    Is there an expiration date on a first aid kit or any supplies there in. I bought a couple of supposedly professional grade personnel first aid kits (about a foot long and 6 in diameter) that are attached to my range bags (one pistol and one long gun). While not really competent to use...
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    Changing head spacing on belted magnums

    I have read various articles in the past reference people making various changes so that their belted magnums head space at the shoulder rather then at the belt. It was more idle curiosity then anything else. I assume it was just to have more control on the head spacing of the cartridge...
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    Ladder Test

    A young professional with no time wants to hire me to run a ladder test on his rifle and develop a load. He is just getting into reloading himself. He is quite a bit larger then I am. (100+lbs and 5-6 inches). I don't think size would effect the nodes much since I suspect his mass (if he was...
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    Vortex 85MM 20-60 power HD spotting scope cover

    Tore the zipper tab off the cover for this out of production spotting scope. It is the angled model and I can only find a "snug fit cover for sale". Has everyone used one of those or know somewhere I may get someone to sell or make me a cover. I am sure it doesn't bounce well.
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    Henderson Precison

    Henderson just showed having their powered trimmers back in stock.
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    Accessories WTB Ransom Rest

    Anyone have a ransom rest stuck out in garage or attic they no longer need? Find myself in need of one.
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    Accessories WTB HK MR 762 and MR 556 Geissele Triggers

    Title says it all. Geissele says they only make one model trigger for each weapon and of course they don't make them often. Trigger Model names match up.
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    Suppressors Loose Threads Solved

    This is actually an extension of a post I made from a week ago but information, I think, is important enough I wanted more people to read it. Basic story I had, new to me gunsmith, install a QD muzzle brake on my HK MR762. He commented that I needed to check suppressor alignment, when I got...
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    Suppressors Thread Issue

    I ordered an OSS Helix for my HK MR762 and other firearms. I took three rifles by a gunsmith,who was recommended by the suppressor shop, to have a muzzle break QD installed. I am between gunsmiths as the moment. He was quick but told me that I shouldn't fire a suppressor with the MR MR...
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    Suppressors I never even thought about it

    I was speaking with Daniel at KKM Precision today while ordering a couple of barrels. We got into discussion about suppressors and wait time. He told me that he ordered his suppressors from a shop that had a range. That way, he was allowed to go in and use them while he was waiting for...
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    Scope heighth on training rifle

    I am setting up a cz455 in 22 lr as a training rifle. My main rifle has basically the same manners stock. My question is in reference to mounting scope on the cz. My main rifle has a top of the line scope with 55 mm bell on it so it sits aa little high causing a lot of build up on stock to...
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    Rifle Scopes Scope cover

    Is the "Scope Coat" the way to go for protecting my scope from the occasional moving bump or safe fight between rifles. Looking for additional protection and was unable to find any threads about the subject.
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    Redding Neck sizing dies for 260 Remington

    Reloaded both rifle and pistol many moons ago and trying to get started again. I am planning on neck sizing my own fired brass every other firing maybe 2 of 3. My problem is I don't know the language any more. What is the difference between " 260 Remington Type S Match bushing neck size set"...