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  1. WYO09

    New Weathery 6.5 round and rifles

    I'm looking at getting a new hunting rifle. I was thinking of going with 280 AI but might go with the 6.5 Weatherby RPM just for the hell of it. The energy looks to be the same at 500 yards between the two cartridges. Weatherby just moved to my hometown in Wyoming and I've been wanting to get a...
  2. WYO09

    CZ evo scorpion

    Love it
  3. WYO09


    Doug fixed me up today too. Seemed like i was getting a call from him to confirm order as a was pushing send. He even called me a second time when he noticed i had some issues with my card and had several order attempts before i realized my card locked me out until i confirmed to them it was a...
  4. WYO09

    New toy! CZ Bren 2!

    They only released 300 with the first release and they went fast. They weren't set up the way CZ-USA requested instead they were set up like the military version but there isnt much difference in the two from what ive seen. Like mentioned the handguard is slightly different. As for performance i...
  5. WYO09


    B&T Pattern Adapter for the TBAC
  6. WYO09

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Which style CZ75 do you like and why?

    CZ SP-01 Tactical (no picture) for cheaper. SHADOW 2 for more fancy. I shoot both very well and wouldnt trade for anything. For .45 CZ 97BD.
  7. WYO09

    Savage MKII FV SR

    Plus one on this. Cheap and very accurate rifle.
  8. WYO09

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Glock 43 or sig 365

    365. It feels and shoots great for a small gun
  9. WYO09

    CZ Bren 2 barrel change torque kit

    Love it. I have the 11" barrel version. It shoots very well supressed. It has three gas settings regular, adverse & off. It has ran 100% suppressed and unsuppressed on the regular setting. Kinda wish it had a dedicated suppressed setting, just cuz. The recoil impulse seems more manageable to me...
  10. WYO09

    Bipod recommendation for first "heavy" rifle

    Thunderbeast as in TBAC?
  11. WYO09

    CZ Bren 2 barrel change torque kit

    I love my Bren 2. I just wish CZ would hurry up with the 922R kits so i can get the factory stock. But with CZ its always a hurry up and wait thing.
  12. WYO09

    Decent 22 pistol?

    This but it's hard to look past the Ruger Mark IV.
  13. WYO09

    Warhorse Development Bags

    I have the saracen and love it. Great person to do business with.
  14. WYO09

    Suppressors Stolen Suppressor

    Update: received my replacement for the stolen suppressor so in all it took almost two years for this one. ATF called me recently as well to see if I recieved the lost/stolen suppressor. The lady said she has seen them show up 10 years down the road. I'm sure that was an extreme case but still...
  15. WYO09

    SCAR MK20S Limited Release

    I have the 5.56 version but the 308 is supposed to be available in 2019. That's the one problem with CZ , getting their products into the states. The good thing is their price but the availability is always an issue.
  16. WYO09

    SCAR MK20S Limited Release

    Oh i watched it. The guy said he and his seal team members that used the scar in real world situations all threw them out as soon as they could due to reliability. Why spend that kind of money on something that is proven unreliable. I decided to spend less money on a cz bren 2. I think both the...
  17. WYO09

    SCAR MK20S Limited Release

    I've never been around the scar and I'm sure some have had great experiences but this video made me not spend the extra on the least for now.
  18. WYO09

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Dan Wesson valor?

    Love my PM-9
  19. WYO09

    SCAR MK20S Limited Release

    I like this. Bren 2 BR 308. I already have the Bren 2 in 5.56 and love it so I'm sure the big brother will be great.