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  1. PFG

    Accessories For sale: TAB Gear RAS Sling

    TAB Gear RAS Sling Comes with QD's, plus an extra buckle attachment that has sling swivel. $75 shipped TYD
  2. PFG

    Precision Rifle Gear Labradar: Who will offer a competitive alternative?

    Yes, magnetospeed exists. But something like LRadar, just with improvements. Or is LR the best we will see at that price point?
  3. PFG

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Shell Holder #3 (243, 7-08, 6.5 Creed etc)

    How in the world is this shell holder out of stock everywhere?! If you have an extra laying around, can I buy it from you? Thanks, PFG
  4. PFG

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Lapua 7mm-08 brass

    7mm-08 Lapua. Prefer new, but 1x shot ok as well. Thanks, PFG
  5. PFG

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Single Stage Press for a starter bench

    Looking for a single stage press to get my kids starting to reload with me. Can be an older press, anything in the starter category. PM if you have one collecting dust. Than
  6. PFG

    Brass got mixed :( Anyway to sort by gun?

    I have two different 6.5 Creeds. The brass was separated in 2 buckets. I won't mention which child of mine is now being sold, but one is on the market... So - anyway I can re-sort this? To determine which is brass out of which gun? All 1x shot.
  7. PFG

    Optics WTB: Bushnell LRHS 3-12

    Looking for an LRHS in 3-12 Dont want the 18x version or the LRTS or LRTSi. Specifically want the “death donut” reticle in the 3-12 LRHS PM with what you have. Thanks!
  8. PFG

    Gunsmithing F'ing T-15 Base Screws: Stuck and Stripped

    Whoever installs the MF'ing pic rail on Tikka CTR's in the factory must have the strength of 10 men and the best thread locker around. Of the T-15s holding that mother in place, I can't budge a single one. And of course I've probably stripped the head on 2 before stopping and realizing I wasn't...
  9. PFG

    Range Finding Tech: Clip on Attachment. Could it exist?

    Stand alone RF vs RF binos - a debate that I continue to have with myself, and I'm sure others do as well. Is there a chance that we might see the technology of RF advance to the point of an RF Clip-On? Example: The RF attachment clips on to side of binos. A retractable lens slides over one...
  10. PFG

    Optics WTB: S&B PMII 10x42

    Title says it all. Looking for the fixed of all fixed scopes. Used is good. Surface marks on tube ok. But I want clean glass. PM if you have one without a home. I have a rifle begging for one.
  11. PFG

    Fluting factory barrel - Bad idea?

    I’ve been casually looking for a shop to take my barreled action and flute the barrel, then cerakote. While reading on 419s site, they make the following call out: “We do not recommend fluting any factory barrel. We will do it upon request, but no guarantees are made to accuracy after...
  12. PFG

    WTB: Tikka T3X Factory Stock

    **Update: Looking for a T3X stock. The newer style where you can change out the pistol grip. If you have the bottom metal and magazine catch, that’s a bonus. If not, the stock is my primary need.
  13. PFG

    RemAge/switch barrel: Is this a game for chassis only?

    To those of you playing the golf bag (1 receiver) and multiple clubs (barrels) do you handle stock inletting and the barrel nut? No problem for chassis, but I'm not grasping how this works for traditional hunting stocks. Like the Manners MCS-EH line, or the McMillan Hunters Edge...
  14. PFG

    Suppressors Muzzle abnormality ? (w/photos) - Tikka CTR

    Tikka CTR. Unthreaded the cap protector to install the TBAC break, and found this when I slid the crush washers over the threads: Surely this small diameter of unthreaded barrel is an abnormality, yes? I can't imagine the crush washers will seat against this and do me any good. Or maybe...
  15. PFG

    Suppressors Brake install and TOMB cans?

    I'm seeing more and more muzzle brakes hit the market that allow for hand threading - like the Insite Arms Heathen and Area 419 Hellfire. No wrench or thread locker required. When it comes to TOMB cans like the TBAC Ultra - why do the brakes need to be timed on with peel washers, locked on...