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  1. USNavy06

    223 rem long range and twist rates

    So I have a factory Remington 700 5r with a 24” barrel and 1-9 twist. The thing is a hammer with Hornady 75 ELD-M’s. It will shoot 5 round groups into one hole. My question is can the bullet that is “stable” at 100-600 yards become unstable at longer distances because of this 1-9 twist? I had...
  2. USNavy06

    SOLD SWFA SSHD 10x42 Mil scope

    Bought this from a member on here and ended up buying a new hunting scope so I’m selling this to recoup some funds. SWFA SS HD 10x42 mil turrets and mil quad reticle. $525 shipped paypal FF or add 3%
  3. USNavy06

    SOLD Hornady 140 ELD-M’s

    I have 400 Hornady 140 ELD-M’s all the same lot number. I’m not looking to sell these but instead trade these for some bulk federal .22 lr ammo. no I’m not interested in your panic priced ammo. I paid a little over $40 per box so I’m looking to trade straight up for federal bulk .22. if you...
  4. USNavy06

    Reloading Equipment 30 cal 178 ELD-X in stock

    Brownells has these in stock as of right now if anyone needs any.
  5. USNavy06

    SOLD New proof research Sendero 308 barrel

    Here is a brand new proof research 24” Sendero 308 1-10 twist barrel blank. Ended up just buying a factory built hunting rifle so I’m letting this go at a discount. sold paypal friends and family or add the 3%
  6. USNavy06

    SOLD AAC 12.5” 300 blackout upper

    I have an Advanced armament Corp 12.5” 300 blackout upper without bcg or charging handle. Barrel is nitride coated. Used this for pistol deer season in Missouri and put it up. Very accurate with Hornady 110 v max. Has maybe 40 rounds down it. selling to fund a custom hunting rifle build. $350...
  7. USNavy06

    SOLD 300 blk bullets,brass and dies

    I’m selling as a lot I will not separate. Hornady 110 Z Max bullets- 419 bullets PNW Arms 300 blackout brass- 73 pieces Lee 300 AAC blackout dies- 1 set $160 shipped paypal friends and family
  8. USNavy06

    SOLD Nightforce SHV 3-10x42 MOAR

    Nice used Nightforce shv 3-10x42 with side parallax and moar reticle. Used it on a couple mule deer hunts. Works great only selling to fund a hunting build. no box. $700 shipped paypal friends and family or usps money order.
  9. USNavy06

    SOLD Remage 6.5 CM criterion barrel

    26” varmint profile 1-8 twist 6.5 creedmoor stainless barrel for a Remington 700 remage set up. Includes the NSS barrel nut and recoil lug. Barrel is threaded 5/8x24 Only selling it because I needed the action for a custom hunting build I’m doing. round count is 87 rounds. I’ve also posted my...
  10. USNavy06

    SOLD New Colt 11.5” FBI HRT barrel

  11. USNavy06

    SOLD Hs precision stock police rem 700 LA

    I have a Hs precision stock for right hand Remington 700 long action rifle with heavy barrel and BDL hinged floor plate 1x HS precision LA police stock Color- Black with black webbing (new take off) stock is unaltered in factory condition. price is $275 shipped paypal friends and family Thanks!
  12. USNavy06

    Optics Nightforce nxs 5.5-22x56 C434

    Here is an excellent condition Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 with MOAR reticle and zero stop. Comes with a set of Nightforce xtreme duty ultralight rings. Box, sunshade and bikini cover included. $1600 shipped PayPal Friends and family only. Thanks!
  13. USNavy06

    Accessories MDT LSS XL Gen2 SA 700 chassis

    Nice used mdt LSS xl gen 2 with the mdt fixed adjustable skeleton stock and ergo grip. Remington 700 SA $550 shipped PayPal Friends and Family only
  14. USNavy06

    Firearms Any leads on a FN PBR/TSR 300?

    Been looking for a FN PBR or a TSR in 300 wsm anyone know where one is for sale or might have one they want to let go? Not looking for one that’s shot out. Looking for a mule deer/elk rifle. thanks!
  15. USNavy06

    Accessories Sold

    Have a brand new unfired 16” stripped colt upper. I bought this and never did anything with it. Barrel is chrome lined 1-7 twist $420 shipped PayPal FF only
  16. USNavy06

    Accessories Sold

    I have a brand new McMillan A3 Carbon fiber graphite stock for a right hand Remington 700 SA or clones. Planned on building a lightweight hunting rifle and it never materialized. All specs are listed in the 1st pic. $600 shipped PayPal FF only.
  17. USNavy06

    Accessories Hs precision Winchester 70/FN SA stock $175

    Have a used hs precision short action right hand stock for a Winchester model 70 or FN rifle. Channel is for a heavy profile. Has not been bedded $175 shipped PayPal FF or add 4%
  18. USNavy06

    Optics Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x40 LR/T

    Very nice leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x40 with capped target turrets and fine duplex reticle. Original box and paperwork included. $550 shipped PayPal FF or add4%
  19. USNavy06

    Accessories FN/Winchester model 70 hs precision stock

    New hs precision tan with black webbing stock. Also included is a FN TBM kit and 5 round magazine. stock is for a heavy barrel short action rifle. $350 shipped PayPal FF or add 3% Thanks!
  20. USNavy06

    Accessories CMMG AR 15 16” .22 barrel

    CMMG 16” 1-16 twist dedicated .22lr barrel (300-400 round count) $100 shipped just have the .22 barrel left. paypal FF or add 3%