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    SOLD WTB 175gr. SMK’s

    WTB. 175 grain Sierra Match King 500 count box Bare Bullets. .308 diameter. Standard HP not TMK. Figured I would ask here before I ordered some. Let me know what you have and price please.Thank You.
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    Optics SCAM ALERT

    How do you report a SCAMMER? I’ve been contacted by this guy that said his contact came from here on a WTB Add. He contacted me through my email not pm. There’s now a thread on LRH about this guy contacting others about WTB Adds. Hope to stop this Asshole from trying to scam someone so who do I...
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    Like the title says. Looking to buy a set of 1” Burris XTR SIGNATURE RINGS in Low or medium height. Have the 30mm but need 1”. Let me know what you have and price please. Thanks
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    Reloading Equipment RCBS PRECISION MICS FOR SALE

    I have 4 RCBS Precision Mics for sale. .223 Remington. .22/250 Remington .25/06 Remington. .308 Winchester. $40 each shipped or ALL 4 for $140 shipped. Can text more pics if needed. USPS Money Order or PPFF or you pay the fees Cross posted
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    WTS 7 LBS Varget Powder FTF Chattanooga TN. " SOLD"

    I have 7 one pound containers of Varget for sale as one lot. $220 FTF. I live near Chattanooga,TN and will go within a one hour drive to meet. This is all the same lot number also.
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    WTB Remington 700 BDL L/A Bottom Metal Complete

    Want to buy Remington 700 BDL Long Action bottom metal complete. Prefer Blued but would use S/S. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
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    Triplecelectric GTG

    Triple electric is good to go. Fast shipping Good Comms. Thanks
  8. Longguns

    ChiefSillyHorse. M. Wright is good to go.

    ChiefSillyHorse. M.Wright is good to go. Fast Shipping Great Comms. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Anschutz 54 Action Screws Torque?

    Can anyone tell me what you torque the action screws to on an Anschutz 54? Thanks
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    7mm08 Loads

    Any one have some 7mm08 loads they would care to share. These loads would be for an Encore Pistol with 15" Barrel. I would prefer to stay in the 120-140 gr range in the bullets. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    TC Encore Rifle to Pistol Question

    Does anyone know if you can take a TC Encore Rifle Remove the butt stock and forearm and put on a pistol grip and forearm with 15 inch barrel and it be legal. Just say the Encore was purchased as a rifle and you want to use it as a pistol. Can you legally do this? I was told you have to purchase...
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    Maggie’s Game Show Game show that's would be rough. Prizes better be good.
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    Rifle Scopes Optical Boosters

    Has any one had any experience with Bulzeyepro Optical Boosters? I am looking to try something different and wondered if they are worth fooling with. I tried the search function and no good results. Will be putting it on a Leupold for FTR Class. Thanks
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    .308 Win. A.I. Cartridge

    Question, I am not very smart and have a question for some of you that are. My question is with all the Ackley Calibers why is there not a .308 Ackley Improved. There are 06's .223's .280's .22-250's and the .243 on the .308 case. I have never seen a .308 win A. I. or load data for it. Can...
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    Rifle Scopes Thread Diameter for Remington and Ruger

    Can anyone tell me what the thread diameter for the screws on the rings for remington and ruger are. My ruger is the 77V/T and has the flat head screws. I want to change them to the allen head or star head. My remington rings are burris and the others are leupold. Any help would be greatly...
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    Rifle Scopes W.O. Tac Scopes

    Does anyone have any experience with wonder optics tactical scopes. I was looking at them and wondered about quality? If you like them let me know, if not let me know why. Recommendations would be graatly appreciated on a tactical scope also. Thanks
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    CZ 453 Varmit

    Anyone got any opinions on the CZ 453 Varmit. This is a 20" heavy barrel with a set trigger.
  18. Longguns

    Mountour Meplat Trimmer

    Does anyone have any info on Mountour Meplat Trimmer ? Is it worth messing with ?
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    Rifle Scopes Falcon Scopes

    Where can I find info on Falcon Scopes??
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    Gunsmithing Remington 700 VTR

    I have a Rem 700 VTR in .308 Win. My question is does anyone have one and if so how does it shoot. I just got one and I noticied that it has two pressure points at the end of the barrel on the sides at the tip of the forearm. I have always free floated my barrels and I wonder if I remove these...