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    Maven rf.1 Rangefinder

    I ordered one but this will be my first lrf
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    RimX barrel choice

    @BisSilent I have to say I love the authenic RRS stickers on the tripod :D Gave me a good laugh.
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    Where to get ammo now post

    Ammunition is not hazmat but falls under small arms ordinance. I have shipped ammo with ups but you need to go to a regional center as the branch offices will not take it.
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    Maven rf.1 Rangefinder

    Has anyone used the maven rf.1 rangefinder? Wondering about pros and cons. I am also wondering how it compares to the vortex razor 4000.
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Take a look at padoms chamber (match eachus?) or the nevius chamber. Both are designed around the lapua which is going to be the same as the SK I believe.
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    How many rounds do you have through each? Mine started out a little hard to close but was smooth after 1k of rounds. I would take a look at this link from Keystone as it may be part of your issue. John can check the chamfer and polish the chamber if its one of those two issues.
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    If you are serious about benchrest, I would look at the vudoo V22s or another benchrest action. I have a T1x and like it, but youll want a heavier barrel. I would recommend also using a more generic action footprint so that more accessories will fit. After putting the money into it, youll be...
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    22LR twist rate

    I have one but havent been able to really test it yet. Ammo shortage and weather has made it difficult.
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    Thoughts on the Tract Spotting Scope?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried out the tract spotting scope? I am especially curious as to how it compares to the Vortex Razor. When I asked, they indicated that they are releasing two fixed power eye pieces with a reticle in March so I figured the two scopes are likely comparable. I have...
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    Accessories R700 MPA BA Chassis $650 **SOLD**

    If it comes with all the accessories shown on it, and is for a short action, I'll take it.
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    Spotting Scoped in ~$1000 - $1500 price range

    Has anyone compared the Tract Toric spotter with the scope listed above? They are releasing eyepieces with fixed power reticles in March. I have enjoyed their rifle scopes so was wondering if anyone had compared their spotting scope to the spotting scopes above? They are in the same price range.
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    A lot of smiths are not doing blended theead protectors atm since it is not worth their time vs getting the next barrel in. You are better off finding someone with a lathe locally to do it
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    Rimfire Sold - RimX 40 MOA Base & Competition Bolt Knob

    I would be interested in the bolt knob if you do separate.
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    New member, in and around D.C./MD/VA

    Welcome from MD as well
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    New From MD

    Welcome from MD as well. Take a look at MARS as it is an absolute blast.
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    Info for Starting at Rimfire Competitions? These guys posted in the rimfire competition section. I would go through their facebook page and see if they are close enough for you
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    Vortex DB 6-24 or Arken SH4 GEN II 6-24

    I started with the athlon argos and have since moved on from that scope but for the money, it's not bad. I have hit 500 yard targets w a 223 with one as well. Tbh, I wouldn't worry about being in base class. I would spend the money for the best optic you can afford. You wont get the money out...
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    Member Link Up Maryland Shooters?

    I would be interested as well but would need to wait until after mid December. PM sent
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    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    I am using the keystone bartlein barrel as well and have short cci, eley, and center x through my rifle. I have had one time where a round failed to be caught under the tensioner (sadly in a match) and otherwise no issues. I have put about 1300 rounds through my rifle and haven't had to clean...