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    DTA SRS muzzle brake removel.

    Hi, Hope some of the more experienced members or tinkering group can help me. I have a factory dta srs a1 barrel in 338lm. It come with the oem muzzle brake installed. Even with factory brake, it still recoil more than I like. I bought an aftermarket one in hope to tame it a little more...
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    Rifle Scopes armalite 1 piece mount

    To the expert members here, A quick question and need your opinion. I recently got a armalite 1 piece 30mm scope mount with a couple features that I like. It has thumb nuts for quick release but not mount. I can use a coin to tighten them and return to 0 with good sucess. Also, there is a stop...
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    New member from IL

    Hi, I am a long term looker here. Finally decided to become more active here with this wonderful forum. Been shooting my Steyr SSG04 24" 308 for a while. Finally finished my HK PSG8 project. 1 Thank you, the experienced members, for sharing your knowledge. 2 Thank you admins for the good...