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  1. shoobe01

    Group Buys Group Buy - IDF Surplus Gear

    I totally missed that on the list, and by the time I noticed the photo and price you'd already taken it. So good for you but also damn you, sir!
  2. shoobe01

    Group Buys Group Buy - IDF Surplus Gear

    Okay, I'll take one T-Pocket. I thought you said 1 available, but if more do tell how many and maybe I'll want more to spread around as stocking stuffers. Now to scroll up, find out how to pay you...
  3. shoobe01

    Group Buys Group Buy - IDF Surplus Gear

    Yea! Was thinking of nudging you on the middle things in that list again. Eagerly awaiting :)
  4. shoobe01

    How do Attach My Head to a FLIR Breach?

    I wore a non-flipup skullcrusher to hold PVS-7s for about 8 hours straight, and I think my head still hurts from that, 20 years later.
  5. shoobe01

    Drilling ACH

    It is mostly a pain to drill. Hard to keep it centered, kevlar requires good drills then dulls them, etc. I have heard from reliable sources that not-open-source testing indicated that more (small! as for 3/4 hole mounts) holes has no negative ballistic effects in actual live fire testing and...
  6. shoobe01

    How do Attach My Head to a FLIR Breach?

    Nightcap is awesome. The nightcap is your "helmet." Then you need a "shroud" the plate everything clips to. That bolts to the helmet (or equivalent). Shrouds are mostly the same as long as decent quality IME. The "mount" is the arm that attaches to the shroud, and to which night vision or...
  7. shoobe01

    Where can I get a decent winter coat for a budget minded price?

    Surplus is your friend. My favorite online place for a few years is KeepShooting. Some really, really good foreign surplus. They don't sell used up junk, so even if old it's lightly or entirely unused. Many items have reviews so you can tell what others think also, double check them. They...
  8. shoobe01

    Inch-pound torque wrench

    Also: every town with factories will have a place to get tools calibrated. A bit of a slog as an individual to call them up and arrange for ONE thing to be done (vs on account, dozens or hundreds of things a year) but most will take you as a walk in, then confirm the rating or if a brand they...
  9. shoobe01

    231 s shut down in TN

    No bombs. Driver detained.
  10. shoobe01

    24hr Pack

    Crossfire DG3 LONG threads on other fora covering this I can share (here? are we allowed to cross-post?) but I've had one a good while, use it as my "assault pack" over a PC, very much as an overnight pack to your point after too...
  11. shoobe01

    43 Mile Bullseye!

    Yup. Long existed. Skipping many other fun things like base bleed, this is using the XM1113 (presumably will drop the X sometime) Rocket Assisted Projectile. Looks like a normal round on the outside Inside, you loose some of the payload to rocket propellant. Once downrange a bit, rocket...
  12. shoobe01

    Check out my...NEW SCOPE CAPS!

    Any thought to make smaller ones? I have an objective that's around 1.45" would love to try your caps out since everything else of yours is awesome, before I go elsewhere.
  13. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    Oh yeah, they are short, and short things are fun. But just imagine if the Soviets had not cheapened out (by going with tiny service rifle) and adopted something more like the original concepts. THIS takes full power 5.45. Yeah, magazine as pistol grip (I assume for stowage as a PDW most of all...
  14. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    The AKSU-74's 8-ish" barrel was driven by space requirements, gave marginal performance even with an increased twist rate, due to loss of velocity mostly. Note the current carbine verson, the AK104, has a ~12.5" barrel. Hmmm... almost like 22-ish caliber projectiles all have to follow the same...
  15. shoobe01

    Sell me on weather meters

    The Kestrel is accurate. Yes, mine at least is hard enough to keep linked I just gave up, type the key data in when I have a chance (wx rarely changes that fast so I don't need a live update for the way I work), but it's /accurate/. Phones and other things like LRF may or may not give accurate...
  16. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    Good point also. This one is RDS + magnifier. The holds are in feet because I guesstimate based off target size, terrain features, etc. For my dialable / millable scopes I keep it all in MRAD. As a short barrel example for the fun of it, here's the .300 subsonic where it stands now (not...
  17. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    That's a Maximum Point Blank Range zero, so theoretically as long a (12"?) point blank zone as I can get, because I had poor performance and weird holds trying the 25/200 zero with that particular gun. It just /happens/ to be close to zero at 300 m/yd, but I didn't do that on purpose. Still got...
  18. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    FWIW, staying off the 5" topic, here's my 12.5" + suppressor range card as glued to the top of the scope cover. Multi-foot holdovers are hard so I rarely hit point targets with those, at least not right away but it tends to surprise the people who think 5.56 is short range and anything less...
  19. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    Yes they do. On balance they thought about it and decided they like shorter guns (even armies carry more than shoot), so being an army have attacked it from the other side, and M855A1 is designed to have adequate terminal performance around (IIRC) 200 fps lower, which gives +/- the same...
  20. shoobe01

    School me on SBR

    The conventional wisdom from several people I vaguely know who use, specify, or maintain lots (dozens to thousands) of short guns is 11.5-12.5 is about the shortest you go in 5.56 for both reliability and reasonable, short range, terminal ballistics. .300 BLK was designed for (IIRC) 10" ish...