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    Night Vision caliber restrictions for halo lr?

    I plan on purchasing a Halo LR and was curious if I can put it on my 270 wsm? Any help is appreciated.
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    Night Vision Best thermal scope for 6k

    I am so inexperienced with the best brands and cores for thermal units. What is the best thermal scope for 6k? Thanks for the help
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    Night Vision Help please mawl, dbal-a3 and corona skeet, coti

    Hello I am getting back into the NV arena more seriously. I hunt at night a little but really the end goal is I want to be the most prepared to deal with anything given the state of our country. Let's be honest, dirt bags come out more at night and I would like to be able to bring so much...
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    FS ITT PVS-14 Autogated hand select package

    *****SOLD****** For sale is a like new Gen 3 PVS14 ITT autogated Pinnacle hand select unit purchased from TNVC. The ITT tubes are known for being brighter and more crisp than the L3 tubes which means less gain is needed and thus less noise in the picture you see. Attached is a picture of the...
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    I am selling my Vortex Razor 5-20 Gen 1 with scope shade, ARD Vortex rings, switchview and bubble level. I have won matches with this scope and it has served me very well over the years. It has a bit of wear but nothing out of the ordinary. Works/ tracks 100% and glass is flawless. 875$...
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    Night Vision Laser zero range?

    Hello I have a helmet mounted ITT pinnacle hand select from TNVC and I love it. I recently picked up a DBAL-i2 and was wondering what range you guys zero the lasers at. I have the red at 50yds and I was planning the same on the ir but wasn't sure if you guys had a better idea. Thanks in advance.
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    HELP Kestrel 4500 Applied Ballistics HELP

    I am trying to get the solution to display the clicks needed ( NOT the MOA) for the target solution on the A screen. I have tried changing the elevation setting to click and when I set the click value on tmoa or smoa setting 3 is too low and setting 4 is too high. How do I set the click value...
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    Accurate Ordnance 338 Lapua

    There are frustrating times in life when we deal with call centers in India, or get annoyed with someone at the local store. Then there are times we get great service and we feel good about a company. My experience with Accurate Ordnance far surpassed any expectations and hopes I could have...
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    Best "affordable" press for 338 lm

    I looked around and I have come up with a few options but I was just checking with you guys to get an opinion. I am looking for an affordable single stage press for 338 lapua magnum. I was looking at the redding big boss 2 and was prob going that route unless someone else has a better idea...
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    Range Report Best bullet for .223 subsonic

    Im looking into subsonic 223 and wondering what the heaviest bullet I can shoot is. I can reload to whatever I want and I realize the I need to moly coat the bullets. I have a 20" 1-9 twist and was wondering at the low powder levels if my gun wouls stabilize a 77gr sierra. What are your thoughts?
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    Suppressors supressor question

    I'm getting a gemtech m4-02 and I was wondering if having it bored to be able to shoot a .270 would be acceptable. I thought it wouldn't change it hardly at all since.223 to .270 is not that much difference. What are your thoughts?