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  1. flyfisher117

    Reloading Equipment SOLD. RCBS M1000 scale

    Lightly used RCBS M1000 scale for sale. Used for a while then I got a Chargemaster so its now collecting dust. $SOLD shipped in lower 48.
  2. flyfisher117

    Accessories WTS: MOE SL and Factory RPR grip.

    The FDR magpul MOE SL grip is like new. Took it off a rifle and never shot it. $15 shipped lower 48 The RPR grip is lightly used. It will fit an AR15 aswell. $15 shipped lower 48. $25 for both. Paypal or Venmo preferred. Can get other photos if interested. Would consider trades for...
  3. flyfisher117

    What am i doing wrong, Atlas CAL wont lock

    Atlas Cal Gen 2. Purchased from a verified Atlas dealer. I can not get the bipod to lock or even really tension. If I tighten the lever down the bipod will tension pretty well but even just the slightest pressure left/right on my pistol grip will cant the rifle and the bipod will be loose...
  4. flyfisher117

    .223 chasis gun, anybody regret it?

    I have a Rem 700 SPS Tactical .223. Its wearing a BC Medalist stock. This is my.little do it all rifle. It gets carried on Coyote hunts it gets to go ground squirrel shooting, and its my little long range trainer. I love the gun but one thing I noticed yesterday is I much prefer the fit and...
  5. flyfisher117

    Accessories Sold Tier 1 Axis Slim, RH, G19

    G19 optic cut and suppressor height sights Right hand carry Mag caddy is sized for G19 mags rounds forward. Holds my stock Gen 3 fine. Holds my Gen 5 MOS with RMR and Supressor height sights fine. OD green front and black rear. Will include extra foam wedges and a replacement elastic band...
  6. flyfisher117

    Accessories SOLD: Sap Run n Gun ,multicam

    I have a very lightly used SAP Run n Gun in multicam. Bag looks new. Does Not have any QD sockets etc just the bag. Sold $
  7. flyfisher117

    Accessories SOLD: Anarchy Outdoors RH Penguin grip

    Anarchy outdoors rh penguin grip with thumb shelf color black. Lightly used, in great shape just a little scuffing on bottom of grip from resting on bench/concrete. Still has the screw reciever screw. Sold to Trippm
  8. flyfisher117

    Do the budget scope zero stops work?

    Looking at say Burris XTRII and Viper PST Gen 2s. I like both but do the zero stop work OK? I understand it may not be to Night force status but I'm wanting to pickup a gun bigger than the .223 and stretch my legs. I am torn between one of the two scopes above or just getting another SWFA SS...
  9. flyfisher117

    Soft case for 20" Rem 700

    I don't have a ton of money to Shell out for a soft case. But I would like one in the $150 range that will fit a 20" rem 700 tactical. All of the cases I ever find are either a 1/2" short (which causes the zipper to blow out) or are about 4-5inches too long. With Black Friday coming I was...
  10. flyfisher117

    Is it even worth doing a donor rifle build anymore?

    Been looking at a Ruger Precision as well as a Savage 10 and Rem 700 Varmint. Right now I can get a Savage 10 from Cabela's for $450-$500 after the rebate and club points. Then I can slowly replace stock/bottom metal and build a gun that fits my wants/needs. When I look at the prices the...
  11. flyfisher117

    Relocated to SE Idaho.

    Not really new here but new to South East Idaho. Lived near Boise, then went to school up North. Now down in the Idaho Falls Area. Joined CHGC but looking for more places to shoot a little further if anyone has some tips on where to go. Not wanting to shoot up my old couch just set up a...
  12. flyfisher117

    Do you crimp for your .223 bolt guns?

    Curious if anyone crimps their reloads for their .223 bolt gun. These wont end up in an AR they will only be shot in the bolt gun so bullet set back when chambering shouldnt be an issue I would assume. Only curious because I can never get proper crimps with my seating die. Seems like even if...
  13. flyfisher117

    How do I stop pick and pluck rifle cases from falling apart?

    I picked up a Plano hard case today that has the little pick and pluck foam inside. Quick and easy and should keep the rifle secure for my needs. Long term the little pluck squares will fall out and get torn so I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations to stop this? I saw videos online...
  14. flyfisher117

    Rifle Scopes Rings and base to compliment a .223 budget build

    Sorry if this is asked a lot, I tried searching but the new forum layout is throwing me and my search abilities for a loop. I am looking for a solid yet budget oriented scope rings and base for my .223. I have a Rem 700 SPS Tac in a B&C stock. Putting a SWFA SS scope on so I need to upgrade to...
  15. flyfisher117

    Cell phone cases.

    Sorry guys, I thought I saw a thread like this a month ago but I can't find it.. Anyways I am getting a new phone and not sure what case to get, I don't have a lot of money Verizon snuck a nice little $40 upgrade fee into my bill so that ate up a lot of the budget I had. Would like to get a...
  16. flyfisher117

    North/Central Idaho Guys, help me find a place to go shooting? Rifle mid range.

    Curious if anyone in the Northern/Central part of Idaho can help me find a place to go shooting. Im wanting to get at least 500 yards, 300 minimum. I am living in Moscow right now so I would like it to be as close to town as possible. Lewiston area is fine, ill be down that way steelheading a...
  17. flyfisher117

    Reloading 9mm for Steel and action shoots, Help?

    Howdy all, Im getting into shooting some local Steel and USPSA matches. Im shooting a 9mm Browning Hi Power and curious if you guys could help me out. #1: If anyone has experience with this, Has anyone had any issues shooting cast bullets out of their semi auto guns? I keep reading stories...
  18. flyfisher117

    Best option for mounting a sling to my AR?

    I have a little S&W Mp15 MOE rifle. It has the MOE butt stock and the MOE handguard. Im looking for the best way to mount a sling too it, without paying a fortune. I wanted to mount a two point sling but the more I look around online my cheapest and easiest bet would be to run a single...
  19. flyfisher117

    College diet/workout help?

    Looking for some help with this, Ive seen this section so hopefully someone can give me a hand here. Hoping some of you military guys had some secrets that helped you? I am looking for help on loosing some chest and belly fat. I am about 6' tall and weigh in around 170 lbs. I am not really...
  20. flyfisher117

    All around hunting/shooting range finder.

    Just looking for input but how important is it to get an $800 range finder? Do the high end ones really, truthfully do something that a cheaper one doesnt? While I try to buy the best scopes/binos I can afford, I cant afford the "best" I just want the "best for my money and intended uses."...