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  1. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6 dasher dies

    Just wondering if anyone has any dasher dies that they no longer need or use. Thought I would check here before ordering. I had been looking at Forster or Redding.
  2. gonzaga

    Accessories WTS Spuhr SP-5001 Mount

    Hey guys, looking to sell this scope mount. It came on a rifle that I bought, I am used to rings, so thats why I'm selling it. There is no box, or paperwork or anything else that might come with a new unit. New these are 410.00, I'd like to sell for 350.00. I'll take PayPal F&F or you pay goods...
  3. gonzaga

    Accessories WTB 35MM RINGS

    Like the title says, im looking to get a set of medium height 35mm rings. I have a spuhr mount 0 moa, but I'm not sold on this set up....the scope came with the spuhr mount so 🤷‍♂️ Please let me know what you have.
  4. gonzaga

    Feedback rth1800

    rth1800 is GTG. Solid guy to deal with. Shipped fast and had great correspondence throughout the process. Buy with confidence. Gonzaga
  5. gonzaga

    Firearms WTB 243 rifle

    long story short is that one of my buddies has 2 boys. Both want to start hunting. He wants to try and find a 243 for them. Nothing too elaborate, just a good ol' reliable 243...
  6. gonzaga

    Optics Nightforce MilR2 scope

    just seeing if anyone out there has one. I have a 3-15 FFP scope and I love it. Just seeing if there were anymore out there.
  7. gonzaga

    Feedback aljones_315 is GTG

    Al was in contact immediately and throughout the transaction. Shipped fast. I'd buy from him again.
  8. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment DTAC 115gr coated 6MM Bullets

    I have an unopened 500 count box of 115 DTAC coated bullets for sale. Price is 100.00 delivered TYD with insurance. Paypal is precerred payment FF or you pay the fees.
  9. gonzaga

    Optics 2 pair of 34 MM rings, 1 NF 20 MOA UNIMOUNT(SPF)

    moving some things that I am not using. This base is for a Remington SA. First up is a NF 30mm 20 moa unimount. The guy I bought this from used blue lock tite. Cost is 75.00 shipped TYD. NEXT UP IS A SET OF 34 MM Burris XTR signature rings. Still have the original "water tight" package. Cost...
  10. gonzaga

    Accessories Surgeon DBM

    I somehow ended up with 2 of these and only needed 1 for a build. Cost is 215.00 shipped and insured. Payment is via PayPal FF or you pay the fees. Net payment to me is 215.00.
  11. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment Berger 140gr Hybrid Target

    I have 2 opened boxes that I purchased as such. I have only tried a few of these in my 260. My 260 prefers 130 bergers. One box has 309 bullets in it. Advertised BC is G7 .317 Advertised BC is G1 .618 The other box has 337 bullets in it. Advertised BC is G7 .311 Advertised BC is G1 .607...
  12. gonzaga

    WTT Vortex 34mm rings

    Looking to trade a pair of the 34 mm Vortex precision matched rings for the same but in low rings. I do not have an adjustable cheek piece and these rings make the scope too high. Thank You.
  13. gonzaga

    FS Swarovski 10x32 EL binos

    Looking to sell these binos that I bought a few years ago. They have served me well but my aging eyes cannot do them justice anymore. They have been carried from day 1 in a badlands bino harness. There are 2 small places on the hinges from being used that show wear. Lenses are perfect and there...
  14. gonzaga

    SOLD Sig Kilo 2000 RF for sale. 300.00 STYD.

    I've had this rangefinder for a few years now and it has really served me well. I have carried it on elk hunts, antelope hunts and a few youth deer adventures and more than A few coyote hunts. It has never disappointed me or let me down. I have moved on to a different Lazer RF. Any questions...
  15. gonzaga

    Range Report Shot groups....3,5,10 rounds?

    When at the range, do you guys shoot 3 shot groups, 5 shot groups or 10? I was shooting at the range and showed my buddy some 3 shot groups.... he laughed and told me 3 shot groups were for girls and said 5 shot groups are a better measure and 10 was ideal..... I respect...
  16. gonzaga

    Gunsmithing Converting a rifle to a 6.5 Grendel

    Sorry guys if this has been covered before. I've tried looking it up but haven't seen it anywhere. I've got a 16" AA Grendel already, but I'm not a HUGE fan of AR's, but I would like to just get a bolt action rifle chambered to the Grendel round. I've found a Rem .243 and I was just wondering...
  17. gonzaga

    Hunting & Fishing San Juan Fishing trip. 3-1-13

    Just a few pics from our venture. My buddy Steve: My sons first solo river fish: My ugly mug: Another shot:
  18. gonzaga

    Hunting & Fishing Backpack Suggestions

    I have been thinking of getting a new backpack, mine has ran its course and is beat to shit. I am thinking of getting an Eberlestock Backpack, Gunslinger II has been suggested to me by a friend.
  19. gonzaga

    Meopta Binos?

    Just wondering if any of you guys are using the Meopta Bino's or the Cabelas Euro Binos? I have been thinking about get some and was wondering if any of you guys had used any, or had them before and dumped them because they are Pieces of Shit? Thanks guys.
  20. gonzaga

    Suppressors Griffin Armament cans

    I was just wondering if any of you guys have used their cans or not. Saw a few video clips of their stuff, they seem very well built and rate their DB reduction at 27-28db. Their take down tools come with the purchase of your can also. They have and ad on their site that if you purchase a can...