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    Rifle Scopes S&B Turrets

    Ok, the top knobs on the S&B are different. Which one is which? I'm going to order one soon and want knob #1. What is the correct term/name for that one? Knob 1- Knob 2-...
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    BDL inlet.

    What aftermarket bottom metal has the same inlet as a factory BDL? I heard that Williams does, but any others? Luke
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    Anyone is Louisiana, this is the guy. Does concealed handgun and whatknot. Check 'em out Luke
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    Gunsmithing "Smoother" action?

    Ok I have a sps that I'm sending off to get some work done. I want to make the action as smooth as my 5R action. What is the correct term for getting that done? I thought it was "jeweling" but I don't think that is it... Sorry for the dumb question. Thanks, Luke
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    Valkyrie Paintjob

    I've found a few post on the Valkyrie and I know they were built by GAP. But who did that urban flecktarn on the stock? Gap do it? I think that urban flecktarn looks good. Luke
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    Eagle drag bag

    Anybody know who has them in stock? Everyone seems to be out of them. Before you ask, YES I DID SEARCH FIRST Luke
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    Build ANY AR15 for FREE!!! Build your dream AR15 for free! Hope you like, Luke
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    Maggie’s Scar's and ACR's

    $2500+ for a plastic gun and isn't worth near that much!?!?! I don't care if it JUST came out! NOT worth it. You could get a POF .308 or SOO many other things for much less! Sorry needed to vent... Fuck Bushmaster's prices...
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    Rifle Scopes S&B Reticle

    I've been shopping around for a new scope. Probably going with the S&B, was wondering what reticles ya'll went with. On the Ill models, does only the very center light up or the hole cross hair? Thanks, Luke
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    Gotta get one of these!!! 1887 shotgun! Used in Terminator and call of duty MW2!
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    2010 Snipers Hide rifle build

    Anyone know what it's going to be? What ya'll have on the drawing board? Luke
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    Badger Knobs

    Any one where they have them in stock for $35 or less? Triad is out and google'd it too... We're doing a large buy so yes the few extra dollars add up
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    Louisiana Trooper Died

    A few days ago we had a Louisiana Trooper of Troop D die in a wreck a few days ago. His funeral will be tomorrow. My whole department is wearing the black bands on the badge today for him Troop Duane Dalton. A little prayer for the family would be nice and remember those who are out there...
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    Rifle Scopes Badger Clip Slotted base

    Who is a good retailer I can order the badger lugged base for a clip slotted action? I've checked all the guys I know of, can't find the base. Thanks, Luke
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    Call of Duty MW2 Clan

    Anyone want to start a clan on Xbox? Luke
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    Suppressors Paperwork for a Can?

    Ok I've NEVER had a ticket in my life, never been arrested and I'm a LEO. I don't think I'll have a problem getting one. Just curious as to which kind of background check they run you through. Some one was saying they go through all you're credit card/bank card statments and stuff? Doesn't sound...
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    Maggie’s Police Christmas

    Any fellow Cops working tonight on this fine Christmas eve?
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    Rifle Scopes Favorite Scope Poll

    I've been seeing so many Brand "X" vs Brand "X" Scope threads I started this to help some people out. Vote for your favorite. Feel free to leave a comment as to why it's your favorite.
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    Rifle Scopes NF Reticle change?

    Anyone have a idea on how much it cost to get the reticle changed out and turn around time? I send a email to NF, just havn't gotten a reply yet Thanks, Luke
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    Rifle Scopes NF Turrets

    I'm looking at getting the NXS WITHOUT zero stop model. My question is: Do the turrets still have the set screws so you can move the knobs to "0" once you've sighted in that scope to your rifle? My MK4 I just un did the little screw to loosen the knob, turned it to "0" and tighten it back down...