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  1. Northernjets

    Why is the AI AXMC shooting this bad.

    Well he definitely should have bought a Savage. I don't see AI including features like the new 30 moa canted scope base screw holes that Savage included with my buddy's new 110:
  2. Northernjets

    Tikka SA to LA conversion

    If you go with something like a 30-06 or 270, the 308 bf will work. Bf is depends on the caliber, not LA or SA. You should always verify, but it should it work just fine. Tikkas generally work with shouldered pre-fits.
  3. Northernjets

    MDT introduces the HNT26! A 26 Ounce Carbon Fiber Hunting Chassis.

    This just might be the perfect hunting chassis for my Tikka Lite! Are there any pictures of the forend with the integrated arca or the Cobalt green version of the chassis? And is the LOP the same on both the folding and non-folding variants?
  4. Northernjets

    Tikka T3 Thread

    It should. I ordered and installed one to stiffen up my old ctr stock and give a better mounting surface for a picatinny rail.
  5. Northernjets

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    Some updated photos of my Nukes in W3 chassis:
  6. Northernjets

    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    Just waiting for some warmer weather...
  7. Northernjets

    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    Getting a ZCO 420 is like getting lube AND a courtesy kiss before the credit card love fest.
  8. Northernjets

    Mk5 vs NX8

    I don't have enough time behind my buddy's MK V to directly compare, but as far as my collection goes, I'd take my ZCO 420 (obviously) and Razor gen II over my NX8 for just about everything aside from affordability or weight. I like the NX8, but I don't love the NX8. Nothing about it is really...
  9. Northernjets

    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    ZCO has their own sunshades that can be ordered.
  10. Northernjets

    Rifle Scopes Official Zero Compromise Optic News & Updates

    Got my ZCO 420 yesterday. Still haven't decided if it was a good bad decision or bad good decision to buy it but it looks promising so far. Kind of feels like someone combined my favorite features of the Razor gen II with the NX8 and then refined it further into a super compact package. If I had...
  11. Northernjets

    ARC mags made of unobtainium

    I might have to experiment with one eventually. I get the odd round that refuses to be picked up if I load my 6.5CM Nuke from a closed bolt with my MDT mags. Fairly rare and intermittent issue at best so I haven't bothered troubleshooting.
  12. Northernjets

    ARC mags made of unobtainium

    Have any of you guys attempted making an ARC style mag out of a standard AICS by grinding back the lips? My understanding is that the main reason they work better with the CRF on their actions is the lips are shorter so the cartridges pop out sooner than a standard mag.
  13. Northernjets

    Tikka T3X won't properly fit into KRG Bravo?

    There should be an M6 washer as per the packing list on the instructions. @Massoud should be able to help you out with that. Their customer service email on the website is very receptive as well in my experience. They'll get you squared away.
  14. Northernjets

    Tikka T3X won't properly fit into KRG Bravo?

    Should be a steel washer under that cap screw, not a plastic one. Pretty sure the plastic washer is meant for the sling stud up front.
  15. Northernjets

    Tikka T3 Thread

    You seat the lug into the slot on the action, start the screws AND then pull down. Idea is to seat the action up against the lug so the action doesn't shift under recoil.
  16. Northernjets

    Tikka T3 Thread

    Here's another shot of an MDT base for ya installed on a CTR.
  17. Northernjets

    TIKKA: PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Pre-Fit for Tikka

    Lovin' the build. Have you gotten enough trigger time on the Midas two stage yet to share your thoughts on it?
  18. Northernjets

    Do I rape the A.I.?

    @cannoncrossfire, the designer of the Sterk handles, has done it to great effect.
  19. Northernjets

    Different types of hunting rifle setups? Tell me about yours!

    It's pretty much the quintessential hunting rifle back in southern Ontario. That and sporterized Lee Enfields. Most "long" shots would be 200 yards down there.