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  1. madppcs

    Suppressors Cerakote a Suppressor

    Im looking to cerakote my cans. Anything I should look for specifically? Is there a specific heat rated coating?
  2. madppcs

    Wheres the suppressor section?

    Im still getting adjusted to the changes to the Hide. So please forgive me cause Im sure its probably right in front of my face and Im not seeing it.
  3. madppcs

    Question about Facebook

    So we all know the fine print regarding the Facebook App. Its common knowledge that the App uses your devices mic, access your photos, contacts, Etc... But what about using the web based version? I know right now there are tons of reasons to not even be on that propaganda machine and a bunch...
  4. madppcs

    New Springfield Armory Bolt Actions?

    I guess Ive been living under a rock... Havent seen these anywhere and I really like the way they look. Even have carbon fiber models.
  5. madppcs

    Goodbye Republican Party

    If our election process doesnt get completely overhauled because of all the latest revelations then the Repubs might as well dissolve the party because its obvious they will never win another election. If the Supreme Court (I literally LOL when I think of them actually upholding anything...
  6. madppcs

    Geissele you so crazy

  7. madppcs

    ATF suspends the "Q" cease and desist order

    Getting interesting
  8. madppcs

    Louisiana Priest has a 3-some with 2 Dominatrix in a church

    Sin in style!
  9. madppcs

    Another Hurricane coming

    God damnitt this just wont end. Im currently floating around the gulf of mexico, and looks like Ill be riding out another one this year. My house and shooting deck recently got damaged and destroyed (in that order) and looks like Im in for another shit storm...
  10. madppcs

    Slayer Raining Blood with a belt fed.

    Mother fuck yes!
  11. madppcs

    Why arent we talking about the National Debt?!

    Seems this administration gets a pass on this? It only matters sometimes? What happens when
  12. madppcs

    Daniel Defense Bolt Actions

    Never knew they existed until a buddy showed me. Hes looking to get into his first precision rifle. Anyone have experience? What yall thoughts?
  13. madppcs

    New Cellphone

    Im looking for a new phone. Im not going back to Apple, Ive had Samsung phones for the last 8 years and I like the Android operating system. However, my current Samsung S10+ is beginning to have connection problems. I have to turn on/off airplane mode at least 10 times per day, or restart my...
  14. madppcs

    Wolf Pen Gap Arkansas

    Anyone ever been there? Me and the family will be staying at nearby (Black Bear Cabins) and will be ATV/UTV riding at wolf pen in August.
  15. madppcs

    My first Duramax

    2020 with the new Allison 10 speed. Heads up display on the windshield is badass. It even puts the navigation on the glass (i didnt have it selected in the below pic)
  16. madppcs

    Louisiana Mask Mandate

    Looks like our elected criminal has mandated masks. I have very mixed feelings about this. The vast majority of my way of thinking is (Fuck them) I will not comply. But my job will require me wear one while flying, and at company gatherings. Whats weird is that I dont have the same (Fuck them)...
  17. madppcs

    Sidearms & Scatterguns FNX 45 Tac

    Finally got another gun thats been on my bucket list for years. Never had a red dot on a pistol either, so this is new to me as well. I have an osprey suppressor that should compliment it very well. Holsters for this model definitely arent as plentiful as most other pistols. I have my eye on...
  18. madppcs

    All Louisiana K12 schools shut down

    Either im underestimating this situation, or the whole world is in on the same gameplan... Statewide Public Schools All K-12 public schools statewide will close effective Monday, March 16 resuming Monday, April 13, as Louisiana seeks to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the state. “We are at...
  19. madppcs

    Is Trump being set up by the senate?

    I have a sneaking feeling that this upcoming trial wont go they way Trump is thinking. I was reading that the senate wants to use witness reciprocity. So the senate will give in to the house demands for more witnesses, in order for them to provide their own witnesses. Why would the senate need...
  20. madppcs

    Technology for (Making the shot)

    Man Ive been seeing a ton of gadgets and technology appear on this forum that allows pretty much anyone at any experience level make incredible shots, and push boundaries that weren't even conceivable 20yrs ago. Ballistic calculators/computers Laser rangefinders with LIDAR for windspeed Light...