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  1. Bigwheels

    Today's AO

    Yep. That's the one. Not supposed to ride quads off the beaten path... I slept in a tent the 1st night. Was nice & warm till I had to get up... I used to hunt with my uncle & grandfather out of Loomis for years but then all the deer disappeared. Then I started hunting out of Mazama but those...
  2. Bigwheels

    Today's AO

    That up in Okanagan area? Haven't been that way in a long time. Pretty sure I haven't seen you since the Ellensburg match several years ago when I camped out there in 9* temps. Long time...
  3. Bigwheels

    Who's had the "Deadly China Virus"? And how bad was it really?

    I got it at the Seattle boat show. In Jan. '20. Was supposed to only be in China...Was a bad flu that started as a slightly scratchy throat for 3 days. Then wham! 10 minutes later I was huddled under blankets shivering & every joint was in a vice. Lasted 3 days then just very tired. Dry cough...
  4. Bigwheels

    Shooting Gloves for Hunting in Cold, Wet, Windy Shitstorms?

    I have a pair of Sitka gloves & 2 pairs of Kuiu. One for wearing by themselves & a size up pair to wear over the Kuiu fleece liner gloves. I've been good with the Sitka down to about 15-20* & I wear the layers when it's colder.
  5. Bigwheels

    Did you Backorder?

    I've had 2k bullets on backorder since September.
  6. Bigwheels

    Took A Walk Into The Woods And What Did I Find

    I found this during elk season this year. 2nd one I've found. Skull broke when fighting.
  7. Bigwheels

    the only REAL solution for social media...

    I've never had a fb/Twitter etc but I'm now removing all the liberal bs I can from my life & my phone. I just dumped Google & replaced it with duckduckgo. Now I'm looking to replace Amazon. I'm also asking everyone I know to do the same.
  8. Bigwheels

    Suppressor mirage at 8x?

    On a similar note. Are some covers better at insulating the can to mitigate mirage? If so what are the best ones for insulation? Thanks.
  9. Bigwheels

    Genesis Ballistics Solutions

    Still no estimate for price?
  10. Bigwheels

    Ballistics Tables

    I've been having a guy in Ca make custom databook pages for me but sounds like he's not really doing it anymore.:cry:
  11. Bigwheels

    Genesis Ballistics Solutions

    Forgive me if I missed it. What is the estimated price point?
  12. Bigwheels

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Testing indicates the Ultra9 did not change zero the slightest on my rifle. :cool: I did notice that the cover I got reflects a tan color into my scope when the sun is on it. Going to have to get a different color & make it more matt.
  13. Bigwheels

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Tops knives enthusiasts thread

    I have a B.E.S.T as an emergency do anything knife in my pack. Its a brute.
  14. Bigwheels

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    I'm set to pick up my Ultra9 on Saturday. Check cashed 5/16 Approved 10/7 Stamp arrived 10/20
  15. Bigwheels

    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Called again today... Check cased 5/27/20 APPROVED 10/7/20 !!! Now I just have to wait for the call...
  16. Bigwheels

    Stop “practicing” wind at the range.

    Shoot across mountain valleys much? Where I shoot 90% of the time I have to read the wind direction. Inc up/down drafts. Speed which changes every 15sec. Then there are the multiple wind columns to deal with. I'll be practicing the wind for the rest of my life. But I don't shoot at "ranges".
  17. Bigwheels

    Maggie’s It's good to be alive

    I'm feeling almost normal today. I had a follow-up this morning & I now have a scheduled time for the ultrasound of my neck. None of the 3 Dr's have a clue what started it up there but hopefully the tests will show something. IDK. It is frustrating to not know what it was but I've never had much...
  18. Bigwheels

    Maggie’s It's good to be alive

    Elevation was only 5300' asl. Ive recently spent 4 days @ 7000' hiking/ scouting. Just didn't have that much weight on. As far as I know they tested me for everything they could think of. Lots of stuff I never heard of. I'll bet they took 12-15 vials of blood out of me. Some I was told were...
  19. Bigwheels

    It's good to be alive

    Hello all. Some of you old timers may know me from the ELR threads. I don't post much now days but today I have a story to tell. On Wed evening a buddy & I hiked into the Mt Baker wilderness for the high buck. Ive been training for this hunt for...