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  1. turtlesniper

    Rimfire Wtb ruger rpr rimfire factory barrel

    Like the title says im looking for a factory rpr rimfire 22lr barrel pm me with what ya have
  2. turtlesniper

    Rifle Scopes Lol knockoff

    Vector Optics Siegfried 3 12x50 First Focal Plane 34mm Scope 1 Click 1cm Adjust | eBay Thats funny maybe if it was less than 100
  3. turtlesniper

    Terrapin available anywhere

    Seeing if anyone knows where i can find one
  4. turtlesniper

    diffrent straw mod for chargemaster

    seen this on another site havnt seen it here yet. ive tried it its faster than elfsters pen mod and just as accurate for me Primal Rights ? View topic - Reprogramming the RCBS Chargemaster 1500
  5. turtlesniper

    Mile High Shooting rocks

    These guys are amazing to deal with . They go above and beyond on what you would consider good customer service
  6. turtlesniper

    Aics woes

    What's happened to all the aics chassis I'm trying to find a 338 cip model with no success
  7. turtlesniper

    300wm magazine Qs

    Has anyone use the accurate mag 300wm cip length mags? Or is it best to get the 338cip ai mags and just mod them?
  8. turtlesniper

    Thread order

    How do I get it to show newest threads/ posts first. it sets my thread order to oldest I have to keep changing
  9. turtlesniper

    food for thought

    this my be a repost but even if it is it why i would never buy a gm vehicle
  10. turtlesniper

    Rifle Scopes 3-12 bushnell?

    i've heard people say they only go down to 15 on the parallax mine goes down to 10 and it only goes up to 300 before the infinity mark is something different about mine it came from midway it also seems pretty hard to get the parallax set rite thanks for any info
  11. turtlesniper

    Rifle Scopes lucky day at the local gun show

    well went to the local c&e gun show figured it would be the usual BS so was just looking for a few odds and ends. low a behold i see a lupy mk4 16x sitting in a case with alot of other optics lupys Bushnells tascos and so forth i figured this thing has to be a fake. so i ask to see it. to my...
  12. turtlesniper

    m1a loads

    i am about to acquire an m1a set up to nm specs and was trying to get info on known performance loads and also see if varget and 175smk would work well in an m1a
  13. turtlesniper

    base for 40x

    what base is a bolt on for a cmp 40x b i tried to put a badger on it but it has alot of clearance up under the back. i think i read somewhere that the back area was cut a little diffrent on some older actions.
  14. turtlesniper

    whats the value of this

    i am thinking of posting my rifle in the for sale section but wanted to see what yal would think it would be worth. ruger 77/22 action stanless lilja heavy barrel 21in retail price $360 volquartsin stock retail price 250 22lr stock is painted with krylon in a woodland pattern and bedded for...
  15. turtlesniper

    reduced capacity 308

    anyone ever used these for doing subsonic rounds i was thinking about picking up 10 if it will help with consistincy
  16. turtlesniper

    midway varget

    midway shows varget 8lbs as available
  17. turtlesniper

    Suppressors srt titanium xl

    trying to decide on a .30 supressor i like the srt ti shadow xl what is the thought on this supressor. the point of impact chage, and sound reduction are my two biggest questions.
  18. turtlesniper

    Member Link Up nc and sc range

    well ive posted this in the sc thread and figure i would put this up for all to see. we are shooting on my private farm on febuary 7 . i have 450 yards available to shoot right now.i have contacted some loggers and by spring to early summer i should have at least 1200 yards. all responsible...