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    Kenosha Shooting Info

    I'm copying/pasting the info from ( So that we can share the data. Try and Give this post some Traction , Because we need to get these facts out there as the Fake News is gonna make up the worst lies all day today. Intial...
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    Unsupported Rear Shooting

    Wow. So I went out and shot with my new rifle and I had given my old rear bag to my buddy shooting next to me. I hadn't used a rear bag in a long time opting to use my own offhand under my stock.... So I moved over and shot one from my buddy's rifle and my old rear bag. DAMN. talk about 100%...
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    TriggerTech 2 stage Diamond - Safety Check -- KRG BRAVO Chassis

    So i picked up the Diamond 2stage (Green). Installed, adjusted, set the safety... Pulled hard... "click"... uh oh... I panicked a bit. Took it apart, realized there was a little mark on the aluminum chassis and the safety lever. They were touching. I had to grind a little notch in the...
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    Accessories [SOLD] WTS KRG Bravo Tool-less Adjustable Length Of Pull (LOP)

    I'm selling my barely used, mounted, and played with, Tool-less LOP adjustment ( ). Mine fit without any adjustment to stock. It comes in original bag, with instructions, and original 4 mounting screws (Two for LOP to Stock, and Two...
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    George Floyd - Body Cams I'm shocked by the full story.... well.... not that shocked.
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    KRG Enclosed Forend - ARCA rail options?

    This is designed as a "What's Out there" and a "What Features" type of thread and NOT a "Mine is better than yours" thread. Is there any reason to get a different ARCA rail for the KRG Enclosed forend other than the one made by KRG? (
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    Rifle Scopes Anything better sub $200?

    Let me preface. Not my scope. Not my rifle. Not my money. Buddy needs a scope. His budget is $200 max. He has no idea what he wants. I want to get him.FFP, mil/mil. And 10-14x top end for shooting 200-300 max. Just needs to be a solid Zero and ok glass. Here's my suggestion: Bushnell...
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    Storage Rack - Holdup

    So I have a slatwall on my gun closet. But I needed a more compact way to store rifles. I could get 6 on my entire wall, now I can get more. Ordered a Hold Up Display HD53 I really like it. If you have questions...
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    3.850" CIP AICS LA Mags - Am I doing this Right?

    Here's what I've got. KRG Long Action. 3.850" CIP length Magwell. I don't need the Magnum width feed lips that come with the .338 Lapua versions as I just want to be able to set standard cartridges at Longer OAL's without single-feeding them. I can't find any 3.850" mags designed for 30.06...
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    Long Action Receiver for Short Action Caliber?

    Can you effectively use a Long Action receiver for a short action caliber? Like a LA 30.06 action but for a .308 barrel/ammo? Or is this really a bad idea?
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    Control Feed?

    Are there any Control Feed Actions? I saw that Defiance had one, but it's no longer available. (or Not CURRENTLY available) Impact Precision 737R does not have the option. Are there any higher-end actions that have the Control Feed Option? All of the posts I see on SH are from a few years...
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    I did a thing.

    So I wanted something better than Butler caps. Took my sunshade to my machinist buddy.... threaded it to match a 52mm Leupold Alumina cover. Created a slip on rear aluminum threaded piece for a 36mm Leupold Alumina Eye piece. Enjoy.
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    Bipod Leg Geometry?

    I watched a Video posted on the hide (Can't find it again) about wide legs and getting the barrel inside the leg geometry so as to be more stable. I understand the concept of wider bases and stability, and this is not a question on that. It appears that shooters on SH reference getting the...
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    .260 Rem and 6.5cm Reloading

    I have a stupid question. Hornady has reloading data: .260 Rem 6.5 CM Both have listings for the following powders: .260 -...
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    Bipod Options

    I owned an Atlas in the past and replaced it with a notched leg harris for the quicker deploying and locked in leg adjustments. It's been 10 years since I put together a gun so I'm wondering if there are any new bipods I should take a look at? Pictures and makes/models would help. Thanks!
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    Optics **FOUND** WTB: Burris XTR Signature 34mm LOW (1")

    Hello Everyone! I'm putting together my first new rifle in about 10 years and have a budget Rifle and Budget Optic and need some used Rings. I loved the Signature ZEE rings and was happy to see that Burris made a more tacitcal version (This is NEW information to me, that's how long I've been...
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    Photos I do my part sometimes.

    Winchester Softpoint hunting ammo. 180gr? I don't know, it was loose in an ammo can.
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    Movie Theater My Brute

    Dare to challenge my Ownage Brutes!
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    SMKs in FL?

    Anyone know of a place that stocks Sierra Match Kings in various Caliblers (.270) to be specific in Florida? Bradenton/Sarasota area? Fort Lauderdale? I need some ASAP! Thanks!
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    New Long-Range Sabot

    6.5x284x50BMG I posted this in the Rifles section so follow the link HERE!