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  1. Trigger Monkey

    Schmidt Bender

    Definitely check with Jerry at S&B. In the way back when Premier Reticles did custom glass reticles in S&B’s and that reticle looks like it could be one of them. I don‘t know if any of that information survived the turmoil when PR and S&B split ways and then got bought up but he’s your best lead.
  2. Trigger Monkey

    ITW Fast Mag Opinions

    I’ve used both, I was never a fan of their pistol mag carriers because of the way it oriented the magazines bullets out rather than the bullets forward orientation I was used to. I still use their rifle mag carriers for my AR15, they’ve worked very well between USGI, Lancer, and Magpul mags...
  3. Trigger Monkey

    Free float or glass bed barrel

    To remove all doubt I would remove the existing bedding and have it skim bedded with the barrel free floated, then see how it shoots. That way you're starting from a known position, you know the stock is bedded to your action and the barrel if free floated so it rules out anything the previous...
  4. Trigger Monkey

    Torquing down muzzle brake

    Dead Air recommends 25-35 ft/lbs
  5. Trigger Monkey

    Help me ID this SPR barrel

    I probably spent longer than I should have looking into this and unfortunately I think it'd be easier to determine who it's not from. It's unlikely that it came from WOA, Wilson Combat, Ballistic Advantage, or one of the other better know makers, they typically put their name and/or logo on the...
  6. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    It took some coaxing but the DBM popped free without too much trouble and I spent this evening getting it cleaned up. I laid out the center line for the rail also so that will be on tomorrow night's agenda
  7. Trigger Monkey

    Muzzle brake killing groups

    I've had it happen once with a brake on one of my Remington 700's, it was a cheaper brake from Damage Industries, it was on sale, and I thought how bad could it be? Pretty bad as it turned out, even though it was mounted with shims and light torque, the accuracy was horrible, similar to yours...
  8. Trigger Monkey

    Action Screws for BDL Bottom Metal

    I checked out my set of BDL screws against a 1/4-20 flat head screw and the angle looked to be the same 82 degree taper but like it was mentioned before it has a lower profile and smaller diameter. The BDL head was about 1/8" tall and about 3/8" in diameter whereas the 1/4-20 was a half inch in...
  9. Trigger Monkey

    Next Generation Squad Weapon: Automatic Rifle | Shooting, Field Strip, and Performance | Textron

    No, that's not it. That machine gun was shooting the 6.8 CT from Textron Systems, it looks like the below but they also make 5.56 and 7.62 versions also. This is part of the NGSW trials so there's probably not going to be a lot of information publicly available about the specifics of...
  10. Trigger Monkey

    New bubba gunsmithing project?

    Now that I finished up the HMR project, I was wondering what my new project should be. Then I remembered I had an old HS Precision stock stashed in the attic that had seen better days. I've basically treated this thing with wanton disregard but it...
  11. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    Ok, bedding the bottom metal now to clean up the gaps so we'll see how it turns out tomorrow. I filled in the lettering with neutral shoe polish, in fact shoe polished it all over and then gave it a coat of Hornady One Shot for good measure. It'll either work or I'll have created a...
  12. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    It's going to get rattle canned, Rustoleum textured paint will go down first and hopefully that will help mask some sins and on top of that will go camo olive drab and then matte clear. I toyed with the idea of doing some kind of camo pattern but decided to keep it simple.
  13. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    I have been a little negligent in documenting the whole process but here is where things are at the moment. I forgot to get a shot of the grip area but here's the forend with the sling swivel holes filled in and some other areas where the foam was exposed. One of the front flush cup pockets...
  14. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    I'll put together a little parts and cost list at the end, I think I'm going to be about $200 in it by the time I'm done. However, some things I had already, like the flush cups, the 9/16" tap for the flush cups, etc. but I had to buy the Magpul DBM, Victor Company cheek riser, JB Weld, and...
  15. Trigger Monkey

    Gunsmithing New bubba gunsmithing project?

    The project is coming along, after all the paint got stripped off I noticed there were some areas where the shell had chipped away and the foam core was exposed. The only thing I could think to do was mill out a small pocket out to the where the shell wasn't damaged and fill it with epoxy...
  16. Trigger Monkey

    Army M24 Build Thread

    On the small tools I'd go with US made options because over the lifespan of the rifle I'm sure multiple vendors provided the small parts to meet the specifications. On the Allen wrenches I'd get a pack of USA made ones likes these from McMaster Carr: McMaster Carr Allen Keys Searching the NSN...
  17. Trigger Monkey

    Scope durability stories

    So in the way back when I worked for Premier Reticles and part of the gig was helping to repair and inspect M8541's before they went back out. One day, a scope comes in with the ocular sheared off and held on with duct tape. It was a fairly easy fix involving a new ocular shell and not...
  18. Trigger Monkey

    Scope durability stories

    I accidentally lit the ocular shell of a S&B on fire once.
  19. Trigger Monkey

    Wheeler rings

    In that price range check out the Vortex Pro Series rings or UTG Pro rings also, both are made in the USA