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  1. Bigwheels

    Maggie’s It's good to be alive

    Hello all. Some of you old timers may know me from the ELR threads. I don't post much now days but today I have a story to tell. On Wed evening a buddy & I hiked into the Mt Baker wilderness for the high buck. Ive been training for this hunt for months. The hike in was only 3/4 mile & almost...
  2. Bigwheels

    225ELDM Redesigned

    Just opened a new lot of 225's & found that the boat tail is longer with a different angle. They're also .030" longer & average 225.5gr as weighed by my FX120i. Check this out.
  3. Bigwheels

    4DOF changed

    I trued both FFS & 4DOF last fall at the same time. Both have been accurate out to a mile but lately the 4DOF app has been predicting a flatter trajectory (like .5mil) & FFS is still the accurate one. I have triple & quadruple checked all my inputs & they are the same as before. Did 4DOF update...
  4. Bigwheels

    3-5 rnd Cartridge loops

    I'm not having much luck in my search for a 3-5 rnd velcro backed cartridge loop for holding 338 WM while hunting. I want them to velcro to the strip in my new Kuiu hip belt pouches. Anyone know of such a thing? Thanks.
  5. Bigwheels

    IMR 8133 for 300WM?

    Hi everyone. I've been shooting my 300 WM almost exclusively for a long time for ELR work. Been using the 225 ELDM lately in this barrel. (its 3rd) with H-1000. Been using H-1000 since my 1st barrel. Now I'm wondering if there's something better since some new powders have come out. Has anyone...
  6. Bigwheels

    LH Gain twist.

    Hi all. I'm in the planning process for my next barrel for my 300wm. I've decided that I want to try a LH gain twist. The question is what twist? I'm probably going to run the 220 berger, 225 ELDM, or 230 berger or a tip. Depending on what mv I can get out of the new barrel I may also try the...
  7. Bigwheels

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Tritium night sights

    So I have a new XDM 10mm, more mags, ammo, & holster on the way. Looking into which night sights to install. Trigicon, or Truglo? Right now leaning towards the Trigicon HD, maybe the HD XR. Anyone have experience with the Truglo & Trijicon? Which do you prefer & why? Thanks
  8. Bigwheels

    Sidearms & Scatterguns XDM 10mm GTG or NO

    Thinking about getting one primarily for outdoor protection in place of my Ruger SBH 45LC which is getting bigger & heavier every year. What do you think? Are they accurate? Is the 5.25" worth it over the 4.5"? I think I want the long one but I want night sights. Haven't found any for the 5.25"...
  9. Bigwheels

    Kilo & AB difference

    Ran the same data through both units & didn't get the same results. Had to adjust MV on the Kilo up 25fps to match. Anyone know why? I entered the exact same data the Kilo app showed @ 818yds & the Kilo was .5 mil higher.
  10. Bigwheels

    Hunting & Fishing Backpacking food

    Looking to pack into the wilderness for the high buck this year. 1st time since just after 911. Looking at light weight food for the hunt. I like some of the Mountain House bkfst & dinners but they are only 200-300 calories per serving. I'm likely to be burning 4 times that per day. Are any of...
  11. Bigwheels

    Terrapin X app

    Just had to do a complete factory reset on my phone then replaced it under warranty. Terrapin X app downloaded fine a few days ago but today it's gone. Can't even find it in the app store. Where's it gone?
  12. Bigwheels

    Suppressors Gunwerks Suppressor

    Thinking about getting their 8" as my 1st suppressor. Will be going on my 300WM. Anyone have any real world experience with the Gunwerks suppressors? Thanks.
  13. Bigwheels

    Kestrel screen blacked out

    Don't know where to ask this so I guessed here would be best. My old Kestrel 4500nv screen blanked out on me for a while today. It was out in 35* temps for a few hours & when I turned it back on after it timed out (15min) the screen wouldn't come on. When I got home I turned it on & it worked...
  14. Bigwheels

    Hunting & Fishing What happened

    I've been hunting for most of my life and I've seen a few bullets do weird things but this one I can't explain. My muley bedded down in the canyon @ 218yds & -8* declination. 338Win 250 Accubond @ 2800fps. Deer was laying just quartering away from me facing to my left. Hit him exactly where I...
  15. Bigwheels

    Kilo2400 Compass

    How often do you have to calibrate the compass in your Kilo2400? I did it when I 1st got but it was never right. I overrode the reading & manually entered it. Now I've recalibrated it & will see if it sticks. Am I the only one?
  16. Bigwheels

    Rifle Scopes Gen2 focus & parallax

    Had my brand new Gen 2 4.5-27 out for its 1st shots last weekend and thought I noticed an issue with the focus at ELR range. I zeroed and shot for tracking/dope at 750, 920, 1130, 1410, and 1710 yds. Everything was spot on until I got to 1710 yds. By this time the sun had begun to come out and...
  17. Bigwheels

    Rifle Scopes Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 vs ATACR 5-25 F1

    Looking to finally upgrade my old NXS 5.5-22X56 to one of these but can't actually look them over in person. Anyone have real world knowledge for comparison? Mostly interested in Actual elevation travel (have a 40 moa base) and optical clarity. The warranty for both appear to be about the same...
  18. Bigwheels

    N565 or 570 for 300WM

    Curious about these powders. I've heard that they are very clean, and have little to no lot variation so I was thinking about trying it. Rifle is a 300WM, 28" 1-9.5 twist and I'll be running the Hornady 225 ELD-m. According to my software my current load with H-1000 is pushing these @ 2870 fps...
  19. Bigwheels

    Magnetospeed vs Calculated MV

    Help me out here. I'm trying to understand why my ballistics apps, & programs are ALWAYS requiring a higher MV than my chrony's are giving. I've been wrestling with this since FFS DeltaIII (which I'm still using) going back over 2 barrels on my 300WM. This last time out I was testing the 225...
  20. Bigwheels

    SIG AB Truing function

    Hoping maybe Doc can give me some answers but if anyone else has any ideas please chime in. So I was able to get out yesterday and did some testing @ 922 yds. I was verifying my 230 Hybrid, and 225 ELDM loads and truing my various software to my newly rebarreled 300WM. FFS was right on right out...