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    SOLD KRG Bravo FDE (Tikka T3-AI mags)

    For sale a like new FDE KRG Bravo for a T3 with AI mags. $350 OBO shipped to the lower 48. PayPal no fees or +3%. Comes with an extra section of m-Lok rail and the 5 mm extended bit.
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    Rifle Scopes Sub $350 scope for a practice/ coyote gun

    I am a Tikka fan. I have a 300, 270, and 260. I have it in my head that I want to buy a 223 lite and have the barrel cut and threaded to 16 for use with my can. This will be primarily a practice rifle/truck gun. I am looking for suggestions for an inexpensive scope with exposed turrets. I...
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    21" 300 Win Mag

    I am sending my trusty Tikka 300 win mag in to @LongRifles Inc. for a face lift. I am going to have it treaded for a brake and suppressor. As well as having the bolt fluted and re-cerakoted I plan on using a Micro Bastard the majority of the time and using my Omega 300 occasionally. Due to...
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    Hunting & Fishing 140 gr ELDM kill

    Earlier this month there was a thread about ELDMs “failing” on a mule deer. I commented something to the effect of the shot placement was less than ideal. A statement I still stand by. But as much as I love commenting on the Internet I figured I should try an ELDM on game to see how it worked...
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    260 Rem 140gr Nosler RFD

    Has anyone tried these? With 140gr ELD-M being unobtainable right now I'm looking for options to try. I'm looking for any first hand experience, loads, or terminal performance on game. Times are tough out there for components and its time to diversify.
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    Accessories WTB Manners or McMillan CTR stock

    I am looking for a light weight stock to upgrade my CTR. Ideal would be a edge fill McMillan game scout with molded in pattern.
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    Accessories McMillan Tikka CTR stock

    For sale: Tikka McMillan stock with EDGE fill. Tan with grey and brown flecks. It’s a great hunting stock. Comes with a factory box. The barrel channel is cut for the CTR Or similar profile. It also works with smaller profiles. The bottom metal is cut for standard Tikka plastic bottom metal...
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    Accessories WTB tikka mag tension spring

    Looking for one of these. Someone has to have it in there parts box.
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    Accessories SOLD Tikka KRG Bravo For sale

    $340 shipped. PayPal no fees or +3% Painted as shown. CTR for CTR magazines. Just Krylon with no sealer. Easily removed. Comes with factory box and accessories.
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    Optics SOLD Vortex HSLR 4-16x44(price drop)

    For sale Vortex HSLR 4-16x44 BDC. Great condition. Ships with box, zero stop shims, and sunshade. $350 shipped: PayPal no fees.
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    Optics Vortex Razor Gen 2 3-18 (SOLD)

    For sale: Razor Gen 2 3-18 MOA. Excellent condition. Comes as shown. EBR 2C. $1250 shipped PayPal no fees or +3%.
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    Optics Vortex 4-16x50HSLR(SOLD)

    SOLD: Vortex 4-16x50 HSLR. Excellent condition. One small mark on the objective as shown in the pics. $380 OBO PayPal no fees or +3%
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    Firearms SOLD: BCM 18” 410ss KMR upper

    $500 shipped. This is a BCM factory upper. Excellent condition. Approx 400rds fired. No BCG and CH. Factory. PayPal F&F or +3%
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    18” 30/06

    Does anyone have any data on one of these. I have a 30/06 Win model 70 stainless boss that has been sitting in the safe for a decade. My plan is to have it cut and shouldered for a direct thread suppressor. This will give me a 26”barreled package with a reasonable weight. Also I will get...
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    Remington Model 7 300BLK threaded barrel

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these? I'm looking for a lightweight hunting rifle to run direct thread with my omega 300.
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex optic dilemma...

    Optic dilemma: I'm going to build a 260 PRS style bolt gun, and I'm torn about what to do with my optics. Currently I have a Gen ii 3-18 on my SPR. I love the optic but it’s a bit overkill on .556(both weight and magnification. I’m going to stick with Vortex as they are local and I can buy...
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    Rifle Scopes Shooting In sun and snow with a high end optic?

    I went out to zero rifle on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny, snow-covered day. What I found is that I couldn’t focus on the target and reticle due to the scope being so bright. I found the only way to shoot was wearing my sunglasses. Has anybody experienced this? Any tips or tricks? Shooting...
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    Tikka Tac A1 6.5/260 20"

    Does anyone know if Tikka has plans to sell these in the US anytime soon? I see them on the website but not distributors have them. Maybe these will be imported with the new FDE models?