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    Optics Sightron Stac

    Sightron stac like new no box. 3x16x42 30mm tube MOA2 reticle. Parallax adjustment, target knobs, fast focus eye piece, floating dot reticle, built in throw lever. Not a mark on it. Only reason for selling is I want the exact same thing a duplex reticle. Cant see the floating dot in the...
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    Custom Victor titan stock

    Alright guys I have sent emails and messages in here. No response. Can anybody tell me if they have gotten a wood looking stock from them. A year or year before at SHOT they had a stock that had a looke grain look to it. I think it was dipped. But looked amazing. I have asked and asked...
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    Rimfire WTB. SK pistol match special

    Like title says. Looking for some sk pistol match special
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    Rimfire Cz 457 17hm2 barrel

    This is a 16in fluted whistlepig light weight barrel 17hm2 barrel that is like new. Has less than 100 rounds in it. It is non threaded. Will fit 455 or 457. Also comes with 1100 rounds of hair day 17grn ammo. 400 pay pal friends and family shipping included in price. Only selling to fund...
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    Firearms AERO PRECISION Builders set

    Like new in box It has a front take down pin, mag catch, bolt catch installed. This was a buiders set cerakote by them. I don't recall what month. This is M4E1 version with atlas handguard. Barrel nut still wrapped in foam. This will noT work for AR 10. 750 shipped and insured
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    Accessories AR Trighertech Diamond 2 stage

    Triggertech Diamiond Pro CURVED like new no package. This is 2 stage and for the AR. 225 paypal friends and family.
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    Vudoo, CZ, Bergara, and Kidd go head to head

    So every week I see a post is the Vudoo worth it. Or CZ, Tikka, or Bergara. So at this point I have spent thousands in testing. In the last 2 years I have owned about 30 cz 457s some with Bartleins. 3 Bergaras. 2 being carbon fiber and 1 steel. 4 vudoos. One 22in in a mdt chassis, one...
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    Rimfire KIMBER .22LR

    Started its life as a Kimber HS. Barrel cut from fluted 24 to a 16. and threaded 1/2-28 threads. Stock is a AAA walnut stock off of a Kimber Classic. This is a Yonker Kimber obviously since it was an HS. Leupold bases and rings. One very faint mark on reciever I got a pic of. The wood is...
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    Rimfire Vudoo 22in Barreled action/Timney

    Vudoo 22in kukri Ace all done in graphite black by vudoo. 40MOA rail. 1 poly mag, timney 2 stage. Trigger will go with the BA. My shipping people are closed til Jan 2. It will go out Fed Ex in hard case, insured. PayPal friends and family 1800 Not a mark on it anywhere. I only shoot...
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    Rimfire VG 2000 trigger

    Like new, black. 160 shipped
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    Rimfire for sale section is where now..

    Cant find the rimfire for sale section anywhwere, am I missing something
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    Rimfire WTB CZ 457 manners

    Anybody have a cz 457 take off manners they would sell. Thanks
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    Rimfire Cz 457 24in barrel

    Barrel is like new. I dont remember if i ever evn shot it 457 barrel 24in factory take off barrel, threaded and capped. 150 shipped paypal friend and family
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    Vudoo 17hm2

    Anybidy have one? Anybody know of a barreled action somewhere? Thanks
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    Rimfire Cz 457 Manners Precision

    Like new in box. Now a mark on it. 24in varmint barrel. 900 shipped
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    Where to find sk rifle match and or center x??

    Any help gents?? This is not a WTB ad just need to be pointed in a direction thank ya.
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    Rimfire Custom AR 22 part 2

    Aero precision m4e1 upper and lower. 15in aero atlas R one handguard Custom cerakote in battleworn stainless Zulu stock Timney calvin elite trigger with black and red shoes Yankee hill extended take down pins Cmc anti walk pins Cmmg 22arc stainless bolt Hogue grip Beyer ultralight spiral...
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    Rimfire Custom AR 22 build

    Odin works burnt fire Orange kit 17in ragna handguard Zulu stock Odinworks safety Odin works extended charging handle latch. Odinworks mag release Cmmg Stainless 22arc bolt and collar Milspec pins and bolt catch that I kryloned Warne 30mm x skeleton scope mount also painted. All odin works...
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    Rimfire Begara B14 Carbon Fiber

    Put about 300rds through it. Goinf to start another project. Has picatinny rail on top. Factory trigger, hell fire muzzle break. And yes it helped my groups. I have box and all paper work. Not a mark on it. 875 shipped
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    Those who say you can't buy happiness...

    Have never bought a vudoo. Not trying to stir the pot but geeze. I took 3 of my 4 out. Again flawless and again with center x just same holing. The consistency from these firearms are astonishing.