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  1. Hardpan

    WTB Faxon pencil barrel

    Checking to see if anyone has one of these they are looking to get rid of. Thanks
  2. Hardpan

    Accessories WTS lightly used apple HomePod

    For sale is a lightly used working perfectly apple HomePod my wife bought a year or 2 ago. Used it for 4 months, then sat in the house unused and unplugged. It’s taking up space and someone can use it more than we did. Asking $200 shipped. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees.
  3. Hardpan

    SOLD WTS Like new Spuhr 5006

    I have a near mint mount with all the original packaging and hardware for sale. Mount was torqued with fix it sticks torque limiters. Asking $365 shipped. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees.
  4. Hardpan

    SOLD SOLD 1x fired .308 brass

    I have one lot of 831 pieces consisting of mostly factory once fired .308 brass from my remy 700. There is some brass that came from freedom munitions I paid for new brass and they sent me annealed brass.. long story short I don’t buy from them anymore. Anyway a mixed lot with a few nickel...
  5. Hardpan


    I have a wiebad and SAP run n gun bag for sale. Both bags have very little use. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees Wiebad - $30 sold SAP - $50 Sold SAP Run n Gun Wiebad
  6. Hardpan

    SOLD Remington 700 SPS Varmint stock and bdl bottom metal

    Up for sale is my take off stock and bottom metal from a remy 700 sps varmint. Lightly used as I went to another stock. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees $125 shipped conus
  7. Hardpan

    SOLD Sold

    I have 2 lots of once fired factory federal brass packaged in usps medium flat rate boxes ready to ship conus. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees. Lot 1: 340 pieces of brass - Sold Lot 2: 426 pieces of braces - sold I won’t be able to ship until Saturday due to work. Thanks!
  8. Hardpan

    SOLD WTS 1x fired factory Hornady 6.5 creed brass

    I have some once fired factory Hornady 6.5 creed brass pre boxed and ready to ship in medium flat rate usps priority. (1) 340 pieces of brass - $135 SOLD 479 pieces of brass - $182 Payment to PP F&F or you pay the fees
  9. Hardpan

    Accessories SOLD Garmin Tactix Delta with AB

    BNIB factory sealed. Won this recently in a fundraiser raffle but not so much a watch guy and I already have a kestrel elite with AB I’ll stick with. $1200 insured to your door PayPal F&F or you pay the fees
  10. Hardpan

    Accessories Sold

    Adaptive Tuning System by Kinetic Security Solutions with 5/8x24 threads. Used once, works great but going a different route. $180 shipped.
  11. Hardpan

    SOLD Sold

    $90 shipped. Lightly used. PayPal F&F or you pay the fees
  12. Hardpan

    Accessories SOLD

    Looking to sell this Surefire kit. I need to free up some funds and this kit unfortunately is going on the block. The hide member I recently bought this from told me this sat on a safe queen so the condition is very good, and lens is crystal clear without any damage or scratches. Tailcap with...
  13. Hardpan

    Accessories WTB Mystery Ranch 2 DAP

    Looking for a Mystery Ranch 2 day assault pack preferably in green. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks!
  14. Hardpan

    Accessories SOLD

    Barrel is a prefit 24 inch 1:8 twist with the muzzle threaded 5/8x24. It has 500 documented rounds on it all factory rounds, no handloads. SOLD. PP F&F or you pay the fees.
  15. Hardpan

    Optics SOLD Leupold Mark5 5-25x56 CCH

    ITEM IS SOLD. PLEASE DELETE. lightly used mark 5 with CCH reticle. Scope is in great condition. I was going to use it for a build but not building after all so this could use a good home. Asking $1700 obo shipped to your door. Comes with everything in the box. PayPal FF or you pay the 3% fees...
  16. Hardpan

    SOLD TL3 prefit PVA 6.5 barrel

    Selling my 6.5 creedmoor Patriot Valley Arms barrel shouldered for a TL3. - 24 inch length - 1:8 twist marksman contour - Stainless with DLC color cerekote, a couple minor scratches but in great condition - 5/8 x 24 muzzle threads with thread protector - Match freebore For 140 eldms - 300...
  17. Hardpan


    Mint condition barrel for sale. - TL3 shouldered 6mm creedmoor stainless - 5/8x24 muzzle threads with protector - 26 in barrel 1:7.5 twist - Cut rifled rock creek barrel, freebore for eldm hornady - Marksman contour - 20 factory hornady rounds through the barrel so far. Asking $400 shipped...
  18. Hardpan

    Accessories WTS Bighorn TL3 20 moa rail rem 700

    Looking to sell a 20 moa scope rail off a Bighorn TL3 action. It had one scope mounted on it and one range trip so it’s practically brand new. Went to a 30 moa for the 224v. $60 shipped