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  1. paulholcomb

    Hunting & Fishing 2009 Mule Deer Doe Archery Opening Morning!

    Hey all, I bagged this doe opening morning around 815 or so. She weighed in at 185lbs after we gutted her out! Here is cavscout1983 skinning her out and my dad admiring my broadhead work through the carcass....
  2. paulholcomb

    Maggie’s my daughters first Motorcycle......she's 3!!

  3. paulholcomb

    Photos Sportbike Tank Pad

    what do you guys think of this honestly.....all opinions appreciated!
  4. paulholcomb

    Photos 1985 GS550EF Project

    Here you go cav........the REAL bike!!
  5. paulholcomb

    Photos 1985 GS550EF

    my new project that isn't a gun!
  6. paulholcomb

    Photos M70 .300WSM

    My new project.....nearly done!
  7. paulholcomb

    Rifle Scopes Swarovski 10x42 bino tripod adapter

    does anyone know where I can get the tripod adapter to connect my Swarovski binos to a tripod? They have a tapped hole in the front of the binos:
  8. paulholcomb

    Photos M70 Sniper for Joker

    m70 sniper
  9. paulholcomb

    Photos RRA Upper/DPMS Lower

    This is my 1:12 Varmint Upper with a complete 5.56/.223 DPMS lower
  10. paulholcomb

    Member Link Up Colorado Members Camping/Shooting trip 3/13-3/15

    Hey guys...some of us Colorado guys are getting together to do a weekend camping and shooting trip in the geographical center of Colorado! JP Outfitters will supply the tents and ALL cooking utensils as well as the food. Please bring your own sleeping bags/cots and let me know that you will...
  11. paulholcomb

    Hunting & Fishing Help a Hide Outfitter

    Ladies and Gents, Please pass on to your friends and family my website and information for some Big Game hunting here in Colorado! I have a hunt scheduled with one of our Very Own, ARPredatorHunter (Greg), for a 1 on 1 bowhunt this year and a 4 person Rifle hunt with Strick9 (Dave) and some of...