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    Reloading Equipment RCBS equip for sale

    Posted this a while back and still can't post pics but I have a press, case trimmer, powder measure, scale and misc. for sale. Press has forged in " RC II". Can send pics if you PM me. I'm thinking $325 for the lot and you pay postage.
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    Reloading Equipment RCBS stuff for sale

    I have an RCBS rock chucker press, powder measure, scale case trimmer and a couple other parts (no dies) if anyone is interested. Would like to sell or trade for a Heritage .22/.22 mag bird's head in the 3.75 " barrel.
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    Comm question

    So I've been a member here for several years (before and during the Scout excursion even though it shows I joined in 2017, not sure what happened there) and don't post a heck of a lot. So given the current situation in this fragile Republic, we all know we are all likely on some alphabet...
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    Need "How to" help

    I've been on here for years and I know this has been asked a bunch of times but I just did some searching and can't find an answer. So how do I post/attach cell phone pics and/or vid clips that I get to my email from others. I don't have "photo bucket;?? Do I need something like this? I seem to...
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    Fellow Texans, whacha gonna do?

    When Bobby Francis O. comes for your guns? There is something going on. I was out doing yard work the other day and noticed a car slowly driving down our street and the driver would stop and seemingly take a cell phone pic of every house with a Trump sign, mine was one of most every house in the...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Floating a thought

    Anyone else interested in starting a lever action thread/section? Maybe piggyback onto Blue Sky's black powder/single action revolver sticky? I love lever guns but only own two, a 1915 manufactured Win 94 in 30-30 and a really nice Puma model 92 in .357 mag. The Puma I bought new, I'm guessing...
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    Iran hit squad

    So I'm seeing that the mullahs in Iran are saying they are going to hit anyone involved with the Soliemani droning. Hope no one gets hit, but if so, what say you? Nuke the mutha fuckers or surgical strike? If they do deploy hit squads, seems like an act of war to me. Believe me, I'm all for us...
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    Why the F are we importing lumber?

    So I'm finishing up trimming out the interior of my workshop/man cave and needed a bunch of 8 foot 1x2's. so go to Home Depot cause it's close and load up a bunch, As I start cutting them to my needs on my chop saw I noticed the sku tags on the ends and most said product of Romania and some said...
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    A sheriff that gets it.

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    POS Rinos

    I think Kasich and Powell are both POS rinos. I'm actually surprised mittens Romney doesn't show up. Fuck them all.
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    Anybody else have a Beretta Neos that's a jammomatic?

    Like it says I've had this thing for years and about a year ago I ordered the longer barrel for it but haven't shot it until this weekend because of moving and lots of other stuff. It was failing to eject on about every third round and then stove piping. Went over to rimfire central and didn't...
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    Need help with a marlin

    I gave my son a Marlin 795 (maybe 797?) that I'd hardly ever shot. It's the one with the bull barrel and black tupperware stock. Anyhow he called me yesterday as he was up in the desert out in Cali shooting with a buddy and he said it would chamber a round and go to battery but would not fire...
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    dry wall anchors for dry firing

    Sorry if this is a re-post but what size plastic dry wall anchors do ya'll use for dry firing in a .22 revolver?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Looking for a Heritage Birds head

    Looking for a Birds head in .22 WRM with the 3" barrel and wood grips. Can't find anything on line and my local ffl's say there are none in stock. So I know a lot of gun snobs are going to trash me but I have several SSA revolvers and one of my best shooters is a Heritage in a 5.75". I've always...
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    Happy Dad's day

    So have a good one all my fellow fathers. I'm sous viding and grilling steaks and making twice baked taters. how about you?
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    aunt jemima

    So Quaker is caving into the BLM/SJW movement and getting rid of the brand. So why not get rid of the whole Quaker thing cause it's white religious prejudice? Maybe rename it Kunta Kintay oats? :(
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    John Bolton

    Anybody else think this guy is an attention whore dickhead? Sorry LL if this is political. Just seems to me if was a true patriot, he would try to change things in a different way.
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    Hunting & Fishing Fishing in Central TX

    Specifically Lake Belton. We moved to Belton last year and just recently got a boat. Any one have some advice on rigging/lures for the big hybrid bass in this lake? Other techniques? There's also large and small mouth, crappie and catfish.
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    Rifle Scopes old school scope

    So I'd posted a month or so ago about where to get an old Weaver scope reconditioned but I think it's too far gone. Anyone know where I can get a 3/4" dia. 4x scope that I can mount on my old model 63 Winchester .22?
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    What's up with this website and their "oil filters"?