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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Mine was an individual. I am sure that each additional person in a trust would add time. I am going to move my two over to a trust but it will be just me on the trust when filed for that reason.
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    Filed for two stamps with dealer September 6th, 2020. Assume he filed electronically that day or next. Received both stamps on 2-8-21.
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Reloading components in the Houston area

    They had them Tuesday because I was in there. I also saw them in there Thursday and Friday
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Reloading components in the Houston area

    Leger's Shooting Range Highway 90 about 5 miles outside of Beaumont has small and large rifle primers as well as magnum small pistol primers for 8.99 per 100 with a limit of 100 primers per person per day.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB or Trade for small pistol primers S.E. Texas

    As title says. I am looking for a couple of bricks of small pistol primers. I can trade even for just about any other size primers or will pay cash (I do have a limit above which I will not pay). Most of my primers are Federal. I will come to you.
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    Reloading Equipment Michigan Buy - Sell - Trade Page

    I am not in Michigan although I did live there a while. Posting this a public service. There is an auction for primers on GunBroker with a decent price (less then $200 per brick) that requires product be picked up in Royal Oak. That may keep price low. I think it expires around 5PM today.
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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    I talked with my dealer today as I am getting close (should be within a month). He suggested I not call unless something is late as it takes time to take the call and look up the information to check on our requests and that is time someone could be working on getting someone's stamp out. I...
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    Reloading Equipment Hornady .30 cal 208gr AMAX - 579pcs - SPF

    2nds unless my PM hit first.
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    Recommendation For A Reliable pistol for 22 Subsonic

    I was surprised that no one mentioned a high standard. Are they too expensive to consider or don't they handle the subs well?
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    Reloading Equipment Wtb progressive press, have GOLD Triggertech 2 stage diamond for trade plus cash

    I have a brand new still in the box Lyman Press Brass Smith. Bought it then changed my mind and went another way Have not even opened the box. Looks like the Redding T7 to me.
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    Suppressors Got my AAC Tirant back from Remington what?

    Question as I don't know. Are you replacing the TiRant with the solvent can or just using the baffles / cones. If the suppressor is already stamped and your just "repairing" it with parts from a solvent can do you have to get another stamp?
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Reloading components in the Houston area

    I am in Beaumont. Could use Large Pistol or Large Pistol Magnum Primers, as well as small pistol primers. Have excess of Federal Large Rifle magnum primers. I have some powders I can consider trading but don't really need powder until I have firmed up some loads. Have a video or my powder...
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    SOLD Shipping Problems

    UPS driver advised me that many of them are not getting signatures, with supervisor approval, due to Covid issues.
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    Optics 3D Printed Data Card Holder for sale. 30, 34, 35mm, Pic and Spuhr Mount. $35 F2F or $40 shipped

    My timing is as good as ever. I need three Spuhr mounted card holders so I will try to watch the thread. I didn't bother to read through all 4 pages of forum so I assume three for $100.00 shipped is still valid price.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Forster Co- Ax Press

    I got one just now
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    MDT Fufillment

    I was told today that it is UPS's fault. Apparently the amount of product they have stacked up to go out is too much for the local trucks and MDT US has to arrange for a trailer to pick up the product.
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    Accessories WTB Spuhr 4602 Mount

    As title shows. New scope coming and I am trying to save a bit of coin. 460
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    Variety is the spice of life or one rifle to rule them all?

    I think it can also depend on where you are in the "learning curve". If you can't shoot 1moa at 100 or whatever the standard for being more then a learning novice then maybe one tool is best.
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    FNH SCAR 16S/17S Barrel Extention Screw

    MGW has these highly sought after items back in stock.