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  1. levi8599

    Rifle Scopes Leupold HTMR reticle anyone using?

    Anyone have one of these and could post a couple pics? Curious to how it actually looks as a sfp. Thanks in advance
  2. levi8599

    SOLD SAS tomb .30 5/8x24

    Like title states. $100 shipped PayPal gift or add 3%
  3. levi8599

    SOLD 6 arc proof research hornady ammo

    SPF waiting on usps mo. Will split if barrel sells first. Barrel buyer does not have to take ammo. $500 no ammo now $450 18” proof ss with their +2 gas tube Bolt- don’t remember manufacturer 2- 10 rd asc $310 ammo after barrel sells Hornady ammo 9boxes -108 eldm plus 12rd box- 192rds total...
  4. levi8599

    SOLD Labradar

    Comes with box, instructions, original soft case. Works just as it should. $510 shipped PayPal ff or add 3%. sold to @Adam B Went by time stamp of first I’ll take it pm or thread. Shierscomm is next.
  5. levi8599

    Hunting & Fishing E-caller choices

    Looking at getting one for coyotes. I was thinking either the icotec GC500 gen 2 or the lucky duck rebel western rivers Fred Eichler series Any opinions or personal experience?
  6. levi8599

    Accessories Bighorn competition bolt handle

    *trade pending with Zack* Just got this in and not what I thought. Would like to trade for a tactical or teardrop. Trade would need to be like new. This came on an origin. Will sell for $65 shipped
  7. levi8599

    Optics SOLD BNIB Hawkins long range hybrid 30mm

    These are brand new never mounted. Changed my mind and going with 34mm scope. Would love to trade for same in 34mm .55” but I figure that’s a long shot. $100 shipped pp ff or add 3%.
  8. levi8599

    Accessories SOLD Triggertech Primary

    I have one with bolt release and one without. Looking to sell just one of them. Both on origin actions for about 100rds. $110 shipped. Have original box for it.
  9. levi8599

    Optics SOLD Meopta 15x56hd

    These are still new. Never used in the field. Bought them for this years hunting season and didn’t get drawn. Only been out in the front porch Have some other things I want and these can go for now. Everything that came in box is still there. These are the B1.1 15x56 HD $1200 shipped. PP ff or...
  10. levi8599

    Accessories Sold

    Quartermaster Theodore "T.C." Calvin. S35 steel. Titanium handles. Frame lock. Sealed ball-bearing pivot pin. 2" blade. 6" overall. Blade thickness .19" blade is still very sharp. $125 shipped pp ff or add 3%
  11. levi8599

    Reloading Equipment XBR 8208 1LB local AZ

    Unopened. Not using anymore. $35 local to AZ only. N phx or west valley.
  12. levi8599

    Accessories Hunts long range origin recoil lug for TL3 barrels

    Never used got an sr3 instead so don’t need it. $35 shipped
  13. levi8599

    Accessories SOLD

    $200—Black hole weaponry/Columbia River arms 20” .243 lbc standard profile barrel. And type 1 bolt included. Seekins adj gas block, rifle length gas tube, threaded 5/8x24. *brake not included* Only about 200 rds down tube. Shoots 1/2-3/4” groups with 95gr tmk and 28.6gr 8208. $60—Redding type a...
  14. levi8599

    Accessories FoundTriggertech FIELD

    Let me know if you have one laying around. Thanks @Btillr
  15. levi8599

    Optics SOLD

    SOLD. Seekins are like new. Low .82” -$95 shipped Badger ordnance 22moa riser. Changing my setup to a single mount. -$65 shipped
  16. levi8599

    Optics SOLD FS/FT: LNIB Vortex RZR 3-18x50 ebr7c mil

    Practically new. Not a mark on the glass or outside at all. Rings torqued to spec with fix it sticks. Zeroed and stuck back in safe. Has everything from factory in box. Scope only $1400 shipped. Can include Seekins low rings for $100. PP ff or add 3%. Will do partial trade for Origin SA with mag...
  17. levi8599

    Accessories SOLD KRG Bravo FDE S/A

    Sold to shoot4fun Bravo only no rifle parts or mag included. Has the stuff that came with it and factory box. $320 shipped firm PP FF or add 3%.
  18. levi8599

    Accessories WTB: Outdoorsmans Bino adapter

    Let me know what you have.
  19. levi8599

    Optics SOLD New Seekins 34mm .92”

    Never mounted. Has hex key and box. Used my mediums instead. $105 shipped. PP ff or add fees.
  20. levi8599

    Optics Found: badger ordnance 22moa riser

    Let me know what you got.