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  1. unoigo

    WTB Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25 EBR-7C Mil

    Let me know if you have one you’re wanting to move. Thanks
  2. unoigo

    WTB WTB: RimX BA or Complete

    Looking for a RimX barreled action, would consider complete rifles. I’m not looking to spend new prices or I would just buy new. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. unoigo

    Rimfire Lapua 22lr ammo in stock

    At E. Auther Brown
  4. unoigo

    SOLD Area419 Barricade Block, Stop and ARCA Clamp

    *SOLD* Selling as a complete set only. Gently used but otherwise great condition. Ships as shown with all hardware needed to use. The kit includes... Barricade Stop Barricade Block ARCA Clamp $110 shipped PP FF or Venmo.
  5. unoigo

    SOLD Hawk Hill Talons for Harris Bipod

    **SOLD** Found this in the parts bin, never used, never installed. I moved from Harris to Atlas last year and no longer have a need for them. sells for $60 new plus shipping, I’ll do $50 shipped. PP FF or Venmo. Thanks.
  6. unoigo

    SOLD Manners TCS High Plains Gloss

    **SOLD** Basically new MCS-TCS in High Plains gloss. Stock had a BA installed and then 20 rounds put through it. It’s flawless and unmodified. The stock is beautiful, the pics do not do it justice. You will not find a gloss stock on Manners site or any of their dealers site. Only available...
  7. unoigo

    SOLD Weibad Cheek Pad

    *SOLD* Found this cleaning out some bins last night. Never used. $25 shipped. PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks
  8. unoigo

    SOLD Magpul PRS Stock

    *SOLD* Like new. No box but includes rifle length buffer tube, and both rifle and carbine adapters. Gen 3 $185 shipped. PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks.
  9. unoigo

    SOLD Area 419 Arcalock Barricade Stop

    *SOLD* Gently used but otherwise good condition. Includes hardware as shown. Sells for $35 from Area419. I’ll do $23 shipped. PP FF or you pay fees. Thanks
  10. unoigo

    SOLD Kestrel 5700 with LINK

    *SOLD* This is the non elite model and not the sportsman. It’s the 5700 w/ link. Rarely used. In excellent shape. Includes all accessories which haven’t been used. Ex. Lanyard and case are still wrapped in factory bag. $350 shipped. Insurance on you. Not looking for trades. PP FF or you pay...
  11. unoigo

    Gunsmithing Flush cups for Manners Elite Shell

    Yes I know I can send my stock to Manners and they will install. But for the sake of time and money I will do it myself. Question is, for the Elite Shells (carbon) like we see on the PRS1/2 and TCS, it is recommended to use the threaded or smooth flush cups from Grovtec? Thanks
  12. unoigo

    SOLD *SOLD* Vudoo V22 20” Kukri BA

    *SOLD* Bought in Dec of last year, 2 months old and 320 rounds through it. Shoots great but I’ve found a MTU profile barrel and want the extra weight. 20” kukri barrel 30 MOA rail 2 10rd magazines Ships as shown with one additional mag, action screws and trigger pins. $1750 to your door...
  13. unoigo

    SOLD *SOLD* Manners TCS Arctic Camo

    *SOLD* Ships as new with ARCA rail including one weight, and the rear weight. No other accessories included. Had a Vudoo in it and used it for 320 rounds. Two range sessions to develop dope and test ballistics and one NRL competition. Stock has zero damage. And rail is clean from barricade...
  14. unoigo

    SOLD WTB: Vortex Ranger 1800 LRF

    **FOUND** I’m partial to Vortex and not interested in others. If you have one you want to move, let me know. Thanks.
  15. unoigo

    NRL22X Mt Pleasant TN Feb 13th

    Anyone planning on competing? Structure of the COF seems to be pretty unique and interesting.
  16. unoigo

    Precision Rifle Gear Armageddon Precision Rifle Case

    Looking to use one inside of a Pelican 1750 or Nanuk 995. Does anyone have any experience doing so? Or using another soft case for the 1750? Yes, I’m aware of the M2010 but not looking to spend that much money. Thanks
  17. unoigo

    Trueing 22LR BC

    Working on 22lr dope for a PRS match coming up in 2 weeks and I’m stuck. 50 yd zero and dial to 100 perfectly, dial to 200 and I’m 6” low. Adjust BC, get on target and all good. Next go out to 300, I’m roughly 6” high. So I take BC back down to where it was previously and I’m 3” high. Go back...
  18. unoigo

    SOLD <FOUND> Kestrel 5700 Elite

    Let me know if you have one available or a lead on a good deal. Thanks
  19. unoigo

    Accessories WTB: Spuhr SP-3024

    Please pm me if you have one to sell. Can trade a SP-3022 if needed. Can purchase outright as well. Thanks
  20. unoigo

    Firearms Impact Action, GA Precision 6mm CM BA

    ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE ** Gauging interest here as I’m not going to be able to compete as I would have liked to this year. And will probably focus more on NRL/PRS 22. This is brand new and unfired. Assembled by the staff at K&M a few months ago. Impact 737 RH action GA Precision 26” #7/ M24...