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    Looking for a 243 thread with info on r26

    Been looking and can't seem to find the 243 reloading thread. Looking for info on R26.
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    Rifle Scopes Busnell DMR scope resetting the zero stop

    Can someone point me in the direction of how to reset the zero stop on a bushnell dmr scope back to factory? I have seen several vids on how to set the zero stop but not how to remove the zero stop. Thanks in advance, RG
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    Reloading Equipment WTT/WTS Redding 7WSM competition die set

    As description states, wanting to trade/sell a Redding 7wsm competition die set. Comes with body die, full length bushing neck sizer and micrometer seater. Also have the shell holder for it. Would really like to trade for same thing in 6.5 creedmore. Will sell outright also. They are around 300...
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    WTB Voodoo with proof cf barrel

    I know this is a long shot but before I order up a voodoo, I was wanting to know if anyone out there wanted to let go of a voodoo barreled action with a 16.5 or 18in proof carbon fiber barrel with light round count and also cone breech. Thanks and LMK if you have anything and what kind of price...
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    Rimfire Anschutz 64 MPR for sale

    As title states, I have an Anschutz 64 MPR for sale. Has a 2 stage trigger on it and has been fired less than 200 rounds. I am the original and only owner of the rifle and it is in great shape. The scope on it is a Nikon 6.5x24x44 that is not included at this time but can be had for 150 bucks...
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    SOLD/Green Legacy stocked AIAE Mk 2 308 for sale/threaded, folder.

    As the title states, I have a green Legacy stocked 308 AIAE Mk 2 for sale. She has a 20in barrel that is threaded and is a folder. Rifle is in great condition. I have had her since new and she has right at 300 rounds through her. Very accurate rifle, I just have to many and not enough time to...
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    Accessories AICS Legacy thumb hole stock for sale

    As title states, I have a black legacy AICS thumb hole stock for sale. I used to have a surgeon barreled action in it that saw almost no range time whatsoever. It is a side folding stock. Looking to get 750.00 obo. Payment by USPS money order. 1st I will take it in this thread gets it. Thanks...
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    John Beanland built 243 Surgeon for sale SPF

    As title states, I have for sale a John Beanland built 243 surgeon. The action is obviously a Surgeon action. The barrel is a 25 inch spiral fluted krieger with suppressor threads and fitted brake. The coating is sniper grey cerakote. It has a CG Jackson trigger on it and is fitted into an side...
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    Annie 64 mpr

    Have read diff reports of people talking about problems with cutting down and threading an annie 64mpr. Does anyone here have first hand knowledge of problems with cutting one down. I will never use the iron sights that can be used on mine and want to cut the barrel back to around 17in and put...
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    KAC rail question

    My brother bought an sr15 mod 1 a month ago and a grip pod to go with it. After looking at the bottom of the float tube, there are not any pic rails and none came with the gun. I have seen where you can get the 3in pic rails but there does not seem to be any holes that are threaded on the...
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    Wilson ss micrometer or Redding comp seater die

    I am getting my first 243 rifle built by John Beanland and wondering which seater die to get. I have used the Redding comps before but have never had the Wilson ss micrometer before. I have used the regular Wilson on my 6br. Just checking to see if there is a preference between the 2. I know...
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    Right bolt left port for tactical shooting

    Just trying to figure out before I put the money down on one of these actions if I am making the right choice. I am wanting to get a defiance machine, templar rifle built from GAP or one of the other high end builders. I have always thought that getting a right bolt left port would be super...
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    215 gmm primers

    Does anyone know where I can find 1k or so of these primers? Thanks, RG
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    Suppressors sandstorm suppressor

    Has anyone used or have a sandstorm 30 cal suppressor? I have been thinking of getting one but have not quite pulled the trigger yet because of the cost over some of the others out there that I could get for much less. I keep hearing about them but have not talked to anyone with first hand...
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    Twist on an Armalite AR10T 243

    Does anyone know the twist on a lother walter 243 ar10T? Would it be able to handle the nosler 105's or some of the other bullets up to that weight? I am not interested in using anything heavier because I know that the twist is not that fast but armalite is taking inventory this week and no...
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    300 RUM in AICS

    as the title says, can the aics stock be used to put a rem sendero 300 RUM in it? Will the mag work and cycle rounds into the chamber without problems? I know that you can put 300 win mags on ai stocks but do not know the diff between the 300 win mag and the RUM. Thanks, RG
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    300 RUM

    Buddy of mine has a basically brand new 300 RUM stainless sendero that he bought a few yrs back. He wants to sell it to me with the dies and bullets. All the stuff to make it go. I got rid of all my big cartridges a few yrs back because I just did not enjoy shooting them that much and they...
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    AI/AE from Mile High

    Have to give it to Mile High shooting accessories. I bought an AI/AE from them on Thursday of this week and asked to make sure it came in by Wed of next week so that I could have it for a trip I am going on. Low and behold a buddy of mine calls me up and tells me it is at my ffl right now. I...
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    Swapping barrels on an AI/AE

    Ok, I have seen the videos of swapping barrels on the AI/AW and it appears to be rather straight forward with the right tools. I am getting an AI/AE next week and was told that you can also change the barrels on them but that it has a couple of other steps to it. Can someone tell me if I was...
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    Barrels on AI AE's

    Does anyone know what the standard barrel make is for the AI/AE? I have one coming next week and was told that they could be either a bartlein or a lother. I appreciate any answer that someone could offer. RG