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  1. RAVAGE88

    Vudoo V-22S Single Shot BR/F-Class Action

    Hey Guys, Well, it’s time to start this thread. As I go forward with this, you’ll note, as I’ve been doing lately, that I’ll be speaking a bit more candidly. There are a few reasons for this, but the greatest of them being to keep information relevant. What you can expect to see within the...
  2. RAVAGE88

    Vudoo Gun Works 17M2

    It's official, the 17M2 is avaialable in the V-22 platform: MB
  3. RAVAGE88

    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Ok, no more drip feeding, it's time for full fire hose. The VGW V-22 is a true-to-scale mid-lock rimfire bolt action with integral recoil lug. One of the many unique features of this design is, for a mid-lock, there are no lug ways forward of the lug abutment in the receiver. The rail is...
  4. RAVAGE88

    Original MB Precision 40X Repeater Conversion

    Glad to see the New/Old Hide is back! I've been asked if it was possible to move the "Rem 40X Repeater Conversion and the Shop of Your Choice" thread to this site, but the only option is to cut and paste. Since the concept of the project has evolved away from the "Shop of Your Choice" part, I...