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    Suppressors speed increase normal?

    I recently cut and threaded the barrel on my Salvage varmint rifle to use my Shark. Went from 24" to just a RCH over 20" and when rezeroing found that the POI had risen considerably. By all accounts, losing a bit of barrel and the addition of the can I would have thought to be a wash. You guys...
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    Earthquake in Virginia

    at appx. 13:51 this afternoon, a 5.9 Richter scale earthquake hit Mineral, VA. This is about halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville along the I64 corridor. The tremors were felt as far north as Rochester,NY and south to parts of South Carolina. Reports of damage are surprisingly light...
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    Savage bolt head questions for 22BR

    Is there anyone other than Sharp Shooter Supply that might have ideas on a short action .473 bolt face bolt head with a small firing pin hole and pin? Want to do a 22 BR for groundhogs from my model 12 action, but has a .080 size pin; and from what i've seen from others, the smaller pin really...
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    Nutted Remington measurement help

    I think i've seen a few pics here of a nutted Remington/Rem clone. If anyone has such a setup, i'm asking for your help with some measurements. What is the diameter of the nut? Where did you get it? I'm trying to figure out if these will fit a stock i'm looking at purchasing; and hope to get by...
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    Suppressors No longer one of the "unwashed"

    like Mr. Boltripper likes to call 'em. Shark can in hand in apprx. 3.5 months. Now I just need to get the rest of the project up and running. Wish me luck, i'll need it!
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    Rifle Scopes USO windage maxed out?

    When I went to zero my SN-3, I had to dial on a ton of windage adjustment, just to get to zero. So much so that I have no more numbers on the stem under the turret. Did I do something wrong here? It shoots well enough, almost 3/4 moa w/me driving(kinda new still), but i'm worried something...
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    Suppressors Springfield Armory- 2nd gen EMP

    Although i've looked for a while here in VA, my search has been fruitless. How about anyone else that might be doing the same? Now that I think about it, what was the problem that was to be addressed with the first iteration? Something I read in one of the rags, I believe, said it was going to...
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    Gunsmithing Carrier media for hBn ?

    While I know some of you guys like this stuff for bullets, I was thinking that it might do well for the top latch on my Kreighoff to counter the wear on the lug wings. If I do it, whats the best way to get the stuff burnished on there? The area is not that large surface wise, so I was thinking...
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    Primer difference?

    I found a few small rifle Remington primers labeled 6 1/2's, but all the load data I have found using Rem primers states the use of 7 1/2's. My question is, what difference is there if any? Duke.
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    Suppressors submitting form 4's to BATFE

    I understand that duplicates are to be submitted, but would you recommend sending them in the same envelope or seperate? Duke.
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    Gunsmithing Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

    I saw a rifle that sold on here that had one, and it really intreagued me. Could some of you that have this weigh in on what you think and why you did it. If you could also give some insight to how fitting the safety and trigger is different than a Rem style, that would be great too. Thanks, Duke.
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    2 stage trigger, Why is it better?or not...

    What's the reason that a 2 stage might be a better mouse trap? I'm trying to decide which way to go for my fire control. CG Universal users ring in. Heck, tell me what you like / dislike about any trigger you've tried. Best of luck in the New Year, Duke.