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    Autotrickler problem

    I am having a problem with my Autotrickler. I have had it for a couple years and last year I upgraded it to the Wifi connection. I have used it several times after the upgrade with no problems. I went to use it last night, after a few months of not using it, and when I tried to use it it...
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    Frank on Just FN send it.

    1st off this was a awesome podcast from David and Frank. Lots a great info on this one. I really loved hearing about what Dr. Maurer was talking about. I really think Frank or even David need to have Dr. Maurer on their podcast and talk about the JFK shooting and the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting...
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    Tumbling/ bending bullets has me stumped

    I have a 6.5 PRC built on a Nucleus action with a Proof Research 8 twist barrel at 26 inches. I bought the action used off of here. The gun had 101 shots thru it when I got it. Now it is doing something that I haven't seen before. This gun shoots under 1/2" groups with the Hornady Match 147...
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    Prime ammo now shipping to NY

    I believe I have the 1st box of Prime ammo shipped to NY. I needed to get some 6mm Creedmoor for a barrel that will be here in a couple days. I tried to order some from Prime but couldn't check out. So I looked at their shipping policies and it said they didnt ship to NY. So I sent them out a...
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    Kestrel 5700 AB vs. Sig 2400ABS

    I am looking to get one or the other. I currently have a Swaro Rangefinder that works well for me. I was wondering if I would be better off spending the little extra and get the Sig or if the Kestrel would work better for me? This would not be for hunting. Just range and I would like to get...
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    New cartridge out.....

    I didn't even know I have been shooting a Creedmoor all along. LOL
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    How long can sized brass sit before loading?

    I was wondering if it is ok to for sized brass to sit 6 months or a year before loading it? I remember reading that if it sits too long the neck can possible shrink on you. I don't know if it is possible. There are times when I get to cleaning and sizing brass but wait a while to load it...
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    Help..9mm flattened primers

    Ok I am having problems with my 9mm loads. First time loading for 9mm, been loaded other cals for several years now. Here is my load info. 4.8 gr. Titegroup CCI magnum primers 65gr APX bullets 1.125 COL .377 crimp. I am getting flattened looking primers. I shot this same load out of 3 different...
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    Compressed loads 308??

    I just started to relaod for 308, been reloading small stuff for just over a year now. When I set the bullet I am hearing a crunching noise that I never got doing 223. I am using Hornady once fired brass trimmed to 2.004, Laupa 155 Scenar and Varget. I could hear the crunch at 45.6gr of...
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    SS Media question

    I have been using SS media for cleaning my brass for about a year now. I am very careful to make sure that none of the pieces of SS gets left in a case. Does anyone have an idea what would happen if a piece gets left in the case, loaded and fired?
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    Strelok ?

    I just loaded it on my droid. Looks great so far. Only thing is I can't tell at what power setting the scope needs to be on for the reticle to work. Does anyone know?
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    Pierced primer?

    I have a GAP built 223 on a remington 700 action. I only have about 200 rounds through this gun now. I took the gun out today to test some handloads. I cleaned the gun, then shot 5 rounds of Hornady TAP ammo. Then I shot 50 rounds of my handloads. No problems with any of the ammo yet. Then...
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    Rifle Scopes My $5 scope leveling tool.

    We all know that Franks way of leveling a scope with the feeler guages works great. But sometimes you can't use that method. If you have a 2 piece base, or if your scope doesn't have a flat spot on the bottom this wont work. So this is what I came up with. I went to my local Ace Hardware and...
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    77/22 bolt knob

    I just got my 77/22 back from Mark over at Short Action Customs. What a great job he did!!! The knob looks and works great. It actually gives me a little more clearance from my scope. I had him coat the entire action in Cerakote. The gun is in 17HMR and has a VQ carbon fiber barrel and a VQ...
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    Gunsmithing Butt pad removal

    I have a Remington VS SF that I want to remove the butt pad so I can install flush cups. The problem I am having is I don't know how to remove the butt pad. It doesn't have the small holes for the screws to go into. Is the pad glued on? Any tricks for removing it? Thanks.
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    Gunsmithing Torque settings sticky??

    Is there any chance on getting a sticky on all of the torque settings i.e. Scope rings, base, action bolts etc???
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    10/22 trainer...

    I just put a order in for one of these stocks. Looks like it might make a good trainer for a 10/22. The stock looks a lot like a ACIS made out of wood. I read a few good reviews on this stock on rimfirecentral. I will post some pics and a review when I get it and put some rounds down range...