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    Accessories WTB TIKKA FACTORY BM, 308 mag!

    Looking for tikka standard factory BM, and 308/6.5 mag!
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    Accessories Tikka KRG Bravo FDE SPIGOT and ARCA Rail

    Excellent condition KRG bravo tikka fde with spigot and full arca rail. 562 for all brand new will take 445 shipped!
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    Accessories M5 Atlas S one rail

    Anybody have an Aero Atlas S one rail for a 308 15 inch?
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    Accessories WTB HAWKINS BDL with extended box

    WTB HAWKINS BDL with extended box
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    Firearms Bergara hmr 6mm in manners

    I have a brand new never shot Bergara hmr 6mm cut to 18inch with brux flute and bedded in manners eh1 swamp camo, Hawkins bottom metal, straight fluted bolt, threaded and capped! Rifle has never been shot! 2100.00 shipped OBO
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    Firearms Lnib Tikka 22-250

    I have a like new tikka 22-250 has seen literally 5 rounds. The bolt has been honeycomb fluted by polishes knob and has a bigger bolt knob on it and has been threaded! 750.00 shipped! Scope and mount not included!
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    Optics WTB 35mm Rings Hawkins or whatever

    WTB 35mm low rings. Would like a pair of Hawkins ultralight lows with the bubble level if possible if not, what you got? Thanks
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    Optics BNIB Bushbell LRTS FDE 4-18

    Picked this up, it’s bnib bushnell lrts fde 4-18. Want another Nightforce for a project! 735 shipped
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    Accessories Bergara HMR Stock and BM

    Brand new Bergara b14 HMR stock and bottom metal! 285.00 shipped!
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    Accessories WTB ptg or some m5 BM

    WTB some type of m5 bottom metal ptg will work!
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    Accessories 12.5" .308 Tactical Government Carbine Length AR 308 Barrel

    12.5" .308 Tactical Government Carbine Length AR 308 Barrel, barrel probably has had 60 rounds thru it. Shoot great no problems at all just ended up going with a different setup. 145 shipped for it!
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    Accessories Ballistic Advantage 18 fluted 223 barrel

    Brand new still in the sealed plastic is a BA 18inch 223 wylde barrel with the flutes and threaded 1/2x28. 185 shipped
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    Firearms Ei 6.5 Creed defiance brux

    Details on the spec sheet! Ei has build me several and has 4 going on now for myself and a buddy! Check it out! $2600.00, rifle is new!
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    Firearms Seekins Havak Element! 6.5 PRC

    Like new Seekins Havak Element in 6.5 PRC! Has Seekins bipod rail added on! Has had 2 boxes thru it! Thinning a few things out for now! 2200.00 OBO shipped and insured
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    Optics SOLD

    LEUPOLD MK5 5-25x56 ill TMR! Like new wish I could keep it but I can’t right now! 1950.00 OBO shipped! Mount is sold
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    Optics AGM Secutor TS-50

    Brand new AGM Secutor TS-50, I ordered 2 to have an extra for a buddy and he landed something else before these got here. Super cool small, but great pic, and full of features! 3200 shipped
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    Optics Brand new pulsar thermion XM50

    Brand new in the box pulsar thermion XM50 never used never seen daylight comes with Sightmark Mount! 3500 shipped
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    Optics Bushnell DMR2I excellent condition

    Excellent condition Bushnell DMR2I G3 mil needs a new home! 1100.00 OBO shipped
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    Firearms Q The Fix 16.5 6.5 creeds

    I found a dealer wanting 3200.00 for 16.5 6.5 creed Fix. I asked if I bought more than one would he do better? Would anyone else want one if I front it, probably get them for 3k I would assume. I would like to have one for myself figured I would ask if there was anyone else who might. If not...
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    Optics Vudu 5-25 md3 like new

    Excellent condition like new Vudu 5-25 MD3. Has seen maybe 20 rounds. Box docs and all 1250 shipped OBO