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  1. mako15

    Night Vision CNVD-LR UF WP OR ECOTI for 10k budget

    I have approximately a 10K budget. Would you get a CNVD-LR Unfilmed White phosphor NV scope or an ECOTI? Applications: hunting, SHTF Haves or on way: Voodoo-S, DTNVS, 2 PVS-14s, unspecified lasers (3), so 2 bridged setups ((a) binos and (b) voodoo-S + PVS-14) for ecoti use. Curious where you...
  2. mako15

    Night Vision PAS-29A COTI

    I have a brand new PAS-29A COTI with adapter, instruction manual, black nylon case, and 2 batteries, as all original. Bought from EuroOptic about 2 months ago. SOLD shipped in conus and insured.
  3. mako15


    Like New In Case (LNIC) Trijicon SkeetIR-X Full Kit. $GONE. Insane imagery. No trades please.
  4. mako15


    For a 3x magnification (which seems its practical maximum, even through its spec'd out up to 5x), is a day scope or a (objective-attached) magnifier the best way to get the clearest 3x image on the skeetir-X? And is there much difference, if any, between the two clarity-wise? I realize the...
  5. mako15

    Night Vision Trijicon Patrol - clip on capable?

    I am getting mixed responses from various sources on whether the patrol can be used as a clip-on. Any idea what its real capabilities are regarding being a clip-on? Compared to a SkeetIRX, it is missing tracIR, a laser, and 1x magnification. Definite clip-on capable through. Anything else...
  6. mako15

    Night Vision Cratos versus SkeetIRX

    Cratos versus SkeetIRX. Best one? Nod to SkeetIRX for helmet mount capability. Is that enough to make it the best? Help me spend my money.
  7. mako15

    Night Vision Breach versus Coti

    Application is SHTF/self-defense. I have a PVS-14, a DTNVGS, and a MAWL coming. DTNVGS on head, PVS-14 and MAWL on rifle. Which would you recommend and why? Breach versus Coti. Or even MH25 possibly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. mako15

    Night Vision DTNVGS (new skeletonized model) or SkeetIRx

    Help me decide. I have a PVS-14 already. Would like to use for hunting? DTNVGS = $10K SkeetIRX = $15K (+ lawyer money for divorce). Any advice would be appreciated? P.S., You guys are a tremendously bad influence on my bank account!
  9. mako15

    Rifle Scopes Which scope for AIAW SM in 300winmag?

    What would you guys recommend for an AIAW SM in 300winmag? Looking at S&B 5-25 and 3-20. If I had it in 338Laupa, I would go just go with the 5-25, but for 300winmag, not sure which. Also deciding between MSR and H2CMR reticles, but leaning towards MSR. Rangewise, it would be used from...