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  1. Northernjets

    Rifle Scopes Hitting 3.8 mils right while sighting rifle - doesn't seem right *Update base install and not receiver now suspect*

    As the title says, I zeroed my rifle and new Razor gen II in today and this resulted in me needing to put in L3.8mils to pull the shot to my POA. This leaves me with only L4.2 mils until I hit the travel stop. Seems odd to me that it would be firing almost a foot off at 100meters from the...
  2. Northernjets

    Newbie from Canada

    Hey everyone! I have been browsing through the forums the last month or so, and have been reading about long range shooting well before that, but never had access to anything ranges beyond 200 yards. I have since moved across the country and now have access to a 300M and 600M range within an...