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  1. Mister Ridge

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Super X2 barrel bulged

    I bought a used Super X2 barrel from Numrich. It appears bulged at the choke tube. Does anyone have a Super X2 with a vent rib barrel they could measure for me and let me know if it gets larger in diameter at the choke tube?
  2. Mister Ridge

    Nick Stroebel's books

    I'm planning on ordering at least 1 of Nick Stroebel's books on old gun sights and scopes. I'd like to get a better idea of what each one has to offer. so I don't waste money buying redundant books. Does any one here have any insight into which one(s) I should get?
  3. Mister Ridge

    WTB VCOG or Tango6T or maybe a Mark 6

    I'm looking for a LPVO, preferably a VCOG 1-6x with either the MOA or MRAD reticle. I'd also consider a Sig Tango6T 1-6x with the DWLR6 reticle or a Mk6 1-6 with a CMR-W reticle. Or hell, a CQB/SS if you feel like giving it away.
  4. Mister Ridge

    Can someone look something up for me? (1903 Springfield ID)

    I bought what I believe to be a (more-or-less) replica of a 1903 Springfield NRA Sporter but I want to try to verify what it is. Does anyone have a book they can check? I'd contact SRS but it seems like you have to subscribe and I just don't particularly want to at this time. Thanks.
  5. Mister Ridge

    How much info does an FFL need?

    I bought something off gunbroker from a pawn shop in Texas and I was not pleased with how much information they wanted from me. Is this a Texas thing or am I about to get hosed?
  6. Mister Ridge

    Gunsmithing Shortening a semi-auto shotgun barrel (non-NFA)

    I understand that on some semi-auto shotguns, shortening the barrel can affect reliability with light loads. Is there a way to correct this? The gun in question would be a Winchester Super X3/FN SLP and the barrel would go from 22" to 18.5"
  7. Mister Ridge

    Conservative friendly option for tax prep software.

    Is there a conservative friendly option for tax prep software? I have simple taxes and I don't know any tax accountants.
  8. Mister Ridge

    WTB 12 Gauge shotgun

    Winchester Super X2, FN SLP, Benelli M2. I'm not real picky.
  9. Mister Ridge

    SOLD Stag15 3G upper with Vortex Strikefire II & Samson 3x

    SOLD I have a Stag15 3G upper I no longer need and would like to get rid of. It is an older model with the Samson handguard. Don't know the exact round count but I'd say it's well under 500. I also have a Vortex Strikefire II red/green dot and Samson magnafier I'd like to go with it. I prefer...
  10. Mister Ridge

    Mad scientists, in here please.

    I picked up a 1903 Springfield yesterday. $750 for a mix master from 1939 with a good barrel and a C stock off an A3. I was pondering ways to mount my Redfield 3200 and (in the future) a MVA B5 without drilling the clean receiver. Not worried about the barrel because I can set it aside for a...
  11. Mister Ridge

    Bold text.

    It used to be that a thread would be listed in bold when new posts were available and not bold if already read. Not anymore. Did that change or do I need to adjust some settings?
  12. Mister Ridge

    Looking for a new email service

    Yahoo is pissing me off because they don't like adblock, and I've been meaning to get away from them anyway. Don't want Microsoft or google. What do you recommend? Edit: just to clarify, I'm not talking about a business account. This would be my personal email.
  13. Mister Ridge

    Firearms WTB Badger M2013 LA or Tempest SA barreled action

    Does anyone have one of these they'd consider selling? EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, what I'm willing to pay is wholly dependant on condition, configuration, and builder. It would be somewhere between $1000-3000. EDIT 2: a Tempest short action would also be of interest to me.
  14. Mister Ridge

    Self defense and bystanders

    There is a photo that's been circulating showing a "protester" with an unholstered pistol in the low ready position staring down a GMC truck. Usually, it gets responses about running the guy over. Given that the pistolero is in a crowd, I assume that driver could face legal liability for hitting...
  15. Mister Ridge

    When did Brownell's start charging for insurance?

    I was looking at some MDT stuff on Brownell's and I noticed that they had an option to pay $3 to cover lost, stolen, or damaged shipments. It's been awhile since I've ordered from them and I don't remember that being there. What changed and when?
  16. Mister Ridge

    Accessories AR15 & Remington stocks for sale.

    I have a few stocks I want to sell. I have the following AR15 stocks for sale: Luth AR adjsutable collapsible stock-- $100 shipped SOLD LWRC Compact stock-- $30 shipped Magpul PRS black (this came off a Cadex chassis and I think it's a Gen 2)-- $125 shipped. SOLD I also have (what I...
  17. Mister Ridge

    Rifle Scopes Meprolight MOR

    I'd like to get one of these and I have 2 questions. 1) Is the IR version civilian legal? 2) Does anyone have any experience with them?
  18. Mister Ridge

    Seekins SP10 .308 18" upper

    I have my SP10 listed for sale in the firearms section and a potential buyer would like to buy just the lower. I don't want to commit to that unless I have a buyer for the upper as well. If you have a SP10 and want a second upper, here is your chance. It is a complete 18" .308 upper. I don't...
  19. Mister Ridge

    LWRC sights $120 SPF

    I have a set of LWRC sights I took off a LWRC IC-A5. $120 shipped. Will post pics later
  20. Mister Ridge

    WTS LWRC stock & WTT/WTB Battleline SAPR (price drop)

    I have a LWRC compact stock off a IC-A5 I'd like to sell. Stock only, no buffer tube or other parts. $40 + shipping I'd like to find a Battleline SAPR for a Magpul stock. If you have one to sell or trade, let me know. We'll see if we can work something out.