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  1. turtlesniper

    Rimfire Wtb ruger rpr rimfire factory barrel

    Like the title says im looking for a factory rpr rimfire 22lr barrel pm me with what ya have
  2. turtlesniper

    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    Yep its me i have a machine shop so i whipped the adapter out on a manual mill. Who is this?
  3. turtlesniper

    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    I got in one of the innorel st344c tripods with the removable leg. Its pretty good also
  4. turtlesniper

    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    I made o conversion for the 322 to hold a rrs sc lr clamp centered over the ball. I can tell you that 90% of the wobble is in the rc2 clamp and tge fact its not strait over the ball. the 322 locks up pretty good
  5. turtlesniper

    CHPWS RMR plates are JUNK and their customer service is just as bad

    Well if you get it figured out the bobro plates rock. Ive installed 5 now and havnt had any problems. .375 front sight of your choice from dawson and your done
  6. turtlesniper

    Sleuthing IMI 5.56 77gr OTM LR Mod 1 ??

    Ramshot tac at 5.56 pressure max of 24.8 gr by what there data says( i use 24.7) 2.245 oal A medium crimp ( this is important to get pressure up) 2810 average ( drop confirmed)out of a 18 white oak spr barrel
  7. turtlesniper

    Rifle Scopes Lol knockoff

    Hey the ard doesnt look to bad. Knock off us optics ard?
  8. turtlesniper

    Rifle Scopes Lol knockoff

    Vector Optics Siegfried 3 12x50 First Focal Plane 34mm Scope 1 Click 1cm Adjust | eBay Thats funny maybe if it was less than 100
  9. turtlesniper

    Terrapin available anywhere

    No luck there either
  10. turtlesniper

    Terrapin available anywhere

    Thanks lowlight ive think i have called everywhere except Ashbury. i have a wtb post also im not picky just as long as it functions
  11. turtlesniper

    Terrapin available anywhere

    Seeing if anyone knows where i can find one
  12. turtlesniper

    Woody's Designated Marksman Match Sponsored By DPMS October 25th Series Finale

    hey dave is the prize table going to be raffle or by where you placed
  13. turtlesniper

    Chargemaster small throws

    Try taking the mcd's straw push it all the way till it stops then cut it off . Pull it out a little so that it closes up the opening in the powder hopper rcbs made it to big if you look up one of my recent started posts you will see what im talking about
  14. turtlesniper

    Does anyone offer 50bmg case annealing?

    How many do you need done
  15. turtlesniper

    diffrent straw mod for chargemaster

    Im have mine set with about 1/8 inch gap. I know that sounds small but seems to be about rite for varget
  16. turtlesniper

    Member Link Up South Carolina

    It's my backyard range with a few pieces of steel
  17. turtlesniper

    Member Link Up South Carolina

    I'm in aynor I have 450