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  1. Casey Simpson

    Bolts, pins and parts.

    JPE,DPMS,Armalite. DPMS extension. The springed pin is Armalite. The other is DPMS. These are the only tools need to work on an AR:
  2. Casey Simpson

    AR component parts: How to decide guide for the obsessed of us.

    How do I find out which are the better parts to use for my build? Asking those with more experience is one excellent way, but how do I find experienced shooters and smiths? Unless the experience of the opinionated one is obvious, research is one way to find experience and information. You are...
  3. Casey Simpson

    KAC, forgive me?

    Shooters, I once dogged KAC, implying they were not all that, but that Government contracts were their primary goal without much in the way of actual firearms manufacturing competence. I was wrong. One sure way to recognize a high-performance oriented big chassis AR is the size of the firing...
  4. Casey Simpson

    When the defendant does not testify

    So you don't put your client on the stand for a few good reasons. First, he has a right against self-incrimination. The burden of proof is on the prosecution in accordance with the US Constitution. Therefore, the prosecution cannot call the defendant to the stand to testify. However, he may...
  5. Casey Simpson

    <span style="font-size: 17pt"></span>
  6. Casey Simpson

    What is X180, natural testosterone raiser?

    Does anyone know what this is? Do men over 40 or so need it, or other supplement if weight training?
  7. Casey Simpson

    "Daddy! Where are my bullets?"-daughter.

    That was my text from my 16y this morning who lives with her mother. She's referring to a box of ammo I bought her last weekend for the S&W 38special revolver I bought her for Christmas. For me its yet another message that I'm in trouble again for forgetting to put something in her bags when...
  8. Casey Simpson

    Optimal Charge Weight load stabilizes ballistics

    Actually, the OCW way of finding your load doesn't stabilize sensitive propellants, but OCW allows sensitive propellants to produce ballistics that are more stable. OCW load "discovery" method allows a shooter find a charge weight that produces a velocity imparted to the bullet within a...
  9. Casey Simpson

    Movie Theater Ditzy Blonde Bimbo News Anchor? Turn it off!

    <span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'">Harry Reasoner, Walter Cronkite - professional, gentlemen, news anchor men who report the Kennedy assassination and lunar landings...., Vietnam - these expert, professional journalists reported on events. They never offered not even an under the...
  10. Casey Simpson

    COLT 22lr Conversion Unit, c.1972.

    Do any of you have extensive experience with this unit? This one presents problems. The barrel part of the floating chamber / barrel junction seems to shave lead that, upon the gap becoming wedged open with shaved lead, soon jams the chamber open until of course it does not float, and the...
  11. Casey Simpson

    The Good 'Ole Days when loading ammo was cheaper.

    How many remember these days? Loading ammo tonight - went through these primers, and thought some would enjoy seeing this for the first time, and some for the second time. Incidentally, they shoot just fine.
  12. Casey Simpson

    Ground Meat

    Yesterday I was talking to a buddy by phone during his drive to the trauma unit where he's a resident surgeon. A gunshot victim. 270 in the belly. Didn't make it. He said the liver was like ground meat. We know this from various experiences, especially game hunting, but its a reminder that...
  13. Casey Simpson

    Air Rifle Field Target Spain-Open La Cabrera 2011
  14. Casey Simpson

    WWII sniper film; training,weapons,gear.
  15. Casey Simpson

    WWII German and American Automatic weapons video
  16. Casey Simpson

    Early AR10 demonstration film
  17. Casey Simpson

    Helpful hint to newcomers: shooting aids/tools.

    <span style="font-family: 'Courier New'"><span style="font-size: 11pt">For those considering participating in a shoot, naturally, each match is peculiar. Some permit the shooter to use whatever he or she can carry as shooting aids and tools, from stage to stage, e.g.; bipods of various lengths...
  18. Casey Simpson

    Oiling the vintage wood stock.

    I'll simply share some methods of stock finishing / re-finishing - those I have used and those I have studied but have yet to use, but without distinguishing between the two to keep it simple. I use only pure Tung Oil, as opposed to Tung OIl Finish, and here is what I do: 1.) Remove the old...
  19. Casey Simpson

    Co-parenting by divorced parents.

    Deleted by poster
  20. Casey Simpson

    Gunsmithing S/S double re-finish

    Winchester Model 24. Steel; KG midnight blue. Wood; pure Tung Oil, hand rubbed, @ 10 applications.