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    Rifle Scopes Scope for AR10 Pistol -

    Looking for a good 1-4/1-6/1-8 powered socpe for a AR10 pistol setup. Anyone use the Primary Arms ..thoughts Suggestions? looking to stay around $500
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    Firearms WTB: Remington 700 CP .308

    Looking for a Remington 700 CP in .308 If anyone has a line on one around Altanta, let me know.
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    Accessories WTB: KAK pistol tube kit (AR15)

    I am looking for a black KAK complete kit. Let me know M.
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    WTB: Glock 22/35 Complete Slide - Gen 1-3

    Title says it all. Looking for a Glock 22/35 (.40 cal) complete slide. Gen 1-3 only. Thanks M.
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    ATF New Ruling? Thoughts?

    Found this article on my news feed but can NOT verify it. Figured you all could help source it. ATF ruling changed on stabilization braces on AR type pistols etc...
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    FS: (4) KAC SR/AR 10 (20 round) Mags

    I have 4 metal KAC mags for sale. All are 20 rpund mags and stamped KAC. All have white follwers. Condition is excellent. Price Shipped: $60 each or $210 for all 4. USPS MONEY ORDER or Personal Check. Thanks Matt
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    FS: 20 Like New MFT AR15 30 round mags

    I have 20 like new MFT 30 round AR15 mags for sale. All are black in color amd all are 30 rounders. Price: $115 shipped Matt
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    Member Link Up Athens GA - Anyone in that area?

    Checking to see if someone from the Hide lives in Athens GA or close by. Thanks Matt
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    Rifle Tripod Clamp

    Has anyone built a rifle clamp for a tripod? I know i could buy one but wanted to see if anyone had done it. Thinking of some type of a bolt and plastic wing knob to tighten the rifle down when on the tripod. Was thinking of a fun father/son project for the weekend. If anyone has done...
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    Professor of American Government - Help Request

    Here is my story for those that do not know me. I am retired State LEO and while in law enforcement I obtained a double Masters ( MPA - Public Admin/Human Resource Law and A MBA Business Administration Masters). I then completed my Doctorate in Education. I teach American Government at the...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns .40 Cal SubGun - New Frontier Armory

    Well... for years i have wanted a subgun in .40. I looked at the Hk USP conversions and the Kris but in the end had a ton of Glock .40 cal mags. I also wanted something ergonically like the AR platform and could NOT get ised to the Kris setup. Got sent a link to New Frontier Armory but they...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Southern Grind Knives (Zac Brown)

    The wife bought me a new knife for my birthday and wanted to pass on the company as we are all pretty much into good blades as well. I got the Jackal that comes with the kydex sheath. It seems to be very very well built and worth checking out if your looking for a new knife. They have a...
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    Rifle Scopes Scope Help: NightForce SVH 5-20X56 MOAR

    Here is my issue. Im doing a quick laser sighting to get a rough zero at 100 with this scope on a Rem 700 with 20MOA MARS system. Problem: My scope is BOTTOMED out and im still about 20 or so inches high. I took the turet caps off to see if there was a zero stop installed, but did not see...
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    Magpul Bottom Metal Install - Rem 700

    If anyone is deciding to get a Magpul detachable bottom mag setup for a remington 700 SA and wanting to do it themselves, this may help. First, its really not a difficult task. Just GO SLOW. Tools I Used: Dremel with sanding and grinding piece Flat File There are only 2 areas that really...
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    AR Pistol Thread: The Shorter The Better

    I did not see one of these threads started. Soo this would be cool to see. If you have an AR Pistol, post it up!!
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    Need Help: Discreet SBR Backpack with internal molle

    Ok.... i am looking for a VERY discreet backpack to carry an AR15 Pistol. 8” barrel but has the Law Tactica Folding adapter sooo it is very compact. Needs to have some molle inside the packpack to secure the weapon and some accessories. What do you all recommend or use? Thanks M
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    Any MUSTANG owners?

    Figured i would start a Mustang thread. After being in my Doctorate program for the last 7 years and finally graduating 2 weeks ago, my wife agreed to allow me to get a play toy. I bought a 2003 Mustang GT in zinc yellow. Manual transmission with 50k original miles. Exhaust, cold air...
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    AR10 Recoil Reduction Possibilities

    I have a put together PA 10 with 18” 1-10 barrel. Lower runs the 6 position stock with MagPul ACS stock. It was mostly the factory lower from Palmetto. I am checking to see what some of you guys use to reduce some recoil. Dampening buffer systems??....etc...
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    Gas gun Optic Mount?

    I have an AR10 (Palmetto PA10) with the Midewest Rail anyone know of a QD mount to fit a 50mm objective that WILL allow me to keep a flipup rear magpul mbus? Edit to add: Needs to be a 30mm Thanks Matt
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    JFK - Document Release

    Checking to see of anyone here has started looking through the 2800 pages of documents.