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  1. GUNNER10

    Will i ever find that “do it all” rifle? Anyone else have this problem?

    Agree. I have a SR25 ACC and a Scar 17 on honestly, and both could be considered very good field rifles. Especially if one does not go crazy and hang everything and the kitchen sink on it. I think that when either of those two rifles get chambered in a modern cartridge like the 6.5cm, I think...
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    Rifle Scopes Covid relief check scope best choices ($1400 limit).

    Mil or LE? If so, Leupold Mk5 3-18 or 5-25 with TMR.
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    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    Personally speaking, as long as one know what they are buying, and be realistic in their expectations out of the rifle, i see no issues with any of the lower priced stuff. For example, Larue has a 3000 dollar option, and they also have a 1300 dollar option. I am not saying that the 1300...
  4. GUNNER10

    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    In LT's defense, You are looking at around 1300 for a large frame upper kit and lower, if you subtract the MB and 2 mags he forces you to buy with the kit. That puts the Large frame upper kit in direct competition with PSA as they sell theirs for around 1250. Thats really how one needs to...
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    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    I am not a fan of Larue's antics but he does put out a solid product, Period. I have KAC, LMT, Geiselle, and LT triggers and its a damn good product for the money. In regards to the OP's questions, especially with respects to AR's I am not sure what the hell a premium rifle is, what a blem...
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    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    Nobody is buying a lmt for the machine work
  7. GUNNER10

    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    Meh... LMT's are Mil guns, not premium guns and go for around 359, PSA stripped lowers are around 159 and are not premium. So a 300 dollar lower falls right in line most not really being a premium product.
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    Blemish on new LaRue 7.62 lower receiver.

    True... But I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, The semi auto forum used to see a handful of post a week now one can actually have a conversation about a topic and not have to wait weeks to see if anybody has a comment. As for some of the people that bring odd or colorful...
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    Best AR Platform value?

    This is all that I am saying. Most people the are just getting into AR's are going to get some 1000 to 1200 dollar dpms, stag, or S&W, as they go online and start to explore more, they tend to get new triggers for a couple hundred bucks, and a new rail for another couple hundred bucks, and some...
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    Best AR Platform value?

    Although I shoot mostly kac and lmt, I do have a 500 dollar special A4 from psa and its fine for what it is. Doesn't change the fact that any any given time there are at least 3 or 4 pages of people having issues with some bargain basement mix master that is just as good over on arfcom. Does...
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    Best AR Platform value?

    The thing is regardless of how the end user plans on using the rifle, a solid baseline rifle from say colt is around a grand, BCM's are around 1500, and even DD's are pushing 1800, and those are for rifles with a mil spec BCG, lower and trigger, any attempt to improve those items bring the cost...
  12. GUNNER10

    Best AR Platform value?

    In the family of large frames, I have had a few different 308's in the past and now have an ACC, MWS, and Scar 17. I would not considering anything a gamechanger at this point but i do however believe that the KAC has the best blend of accuracy, weight, and reliability but that comes at around...
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    Ideas/Opinions on glass for new SCAR 20s

    I think you may be overstating the minute differences between gear just a bit. Could of, should of, would of, If one has never found a need for an illuminated recticle, one could get into a mk5 for around a grand cheaper than an ATACR. There is not a grand worth of difference between a tangnet...
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    Ideas/Opinions on glass for new SCAR 20s

    If you have access to MIL/LE pricing, the Mk5 from Leupold is really hard to pass up. If not, the ATACR 4-16 is a nice option
  15. GUNNER10

    Les Baer .308 or GA Precision GAP 10 Creedmoor?

    Besides components, there is not really going to be a difference between the two. both are going to be lasers. I think that the GAP is probably a little more appealing as seems as if it is configured with a modern hand guard and adjustable gas system. I don't see either of these two things as...
  16. GUNNER10

    How to IMPROVE USASOC URGI improved upper/rifle

    I tend to agree, I really do like Noveske barrels, but even easier, just buy a 14.5 KAC upper and be done with it. Nothing wrong with a build but being deployed most of the time, I don't have the time to mess around with builds anymore. Just curious, how much did you build run?
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    18" vs. 20" 5.56

    Honestly, at this point what ever is available that suits your needs at this time. There is not going to be a significant difference in practical use between the 18 or 20. While I really like the 12.5 to 14.5 length in AR's I have a 20 inch A4 that is a blast to shoot. if you are not getting...
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    Rifle Scopes NF ATACR- 7-35 vs 5-25- Hunting

    voted 7-35, but considering you have over 10k tied up into your rig, is there any reason you are not looking at a clip on NV? They really are not that much more expensive than that 7-35 and are a order of magnitude more effective at doing what you want to do. Especially in that sub 200 yard...
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    Quietest Suppressed AR-15 you could put together is...

    This, Regardless of the can or rifle, its going to be loud, If you get a can that is designed for maximum suppression levels, its going to cause over pressure issues and have excess gas to the face. If you go with a can the was designed with lower back pressure, its going to be naturally louder...
  20. GUNNER10

    Arms Unlimited H&K PSG-1

    You should Definitely do so. While I am not the biggest HK fan, I would love to see how some of these fare objectively against modern systems. The thing that I can appreciate about HK is that there was a 30 to 40 year period after WWII where they put a lot of good stuff based off the 9 Series...