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  1. thegrayham

    How far?

    Sorry to (also) be the bearer of bad news, but that scope is not going to be a good fit for your RPR. As an example, I am running a scope with 110 moa equivalent of internal elevation adjustment on my RPR. While there are no hard rules here, I think a general guideline for success would be to...
  2. thegrayham

    Rifle Scopes The Arken Optics Thread (merged)

    Well it looks like you are right about the EPRs shipping first. I just received a call from Michael at Arken advising that the shipping email was sent in error and that they do not have the SHR reticle models yet. He was very apologetic and said mid July was when they were hoping to have...
  3. thegrayham

    Rifle Scopes The Arken Optics Thread (merged)

    Got a tracking number this morning for my 6-24 SHR Mil.. excited to finally give this thing a try!
  4. thegrayham

    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    In short, yes. I am a big fan of 2 stage triggers because they let you settle up and take up the first stage and sit on the second stage wall... when your ready to let one fly, it's like pulling a single stage trigger from that point but you already have your finger married to the trigger...
  5. thegrayham

    Sig Kilo3000BDX and Kestrel

    I asked the Kestrel folk this exact question and got the same answer as what alwayswatchyoursix posted. The link is an AB protocol over bluetooth so it will only work between AB products.
  6. thegrayham

    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    I put a light coat of grease on that cocking piece (Anarchy Outdoors / AD Arms variety) where it runs in the bolt and I found it was lighter in bolt manipulation feel vs the stock one also lubed. I only mention this in case people are running them dry.. I think stock or AM they need a little...
  7. thegrayham

    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    As much as I love my full size RPR, when it came time to build a NRL22 rifle, I had to go with a Tikka T1X in a chassis. In the end I spent a decent bit more money, but it just feels like a more substantial rifle with a better upgrade path.
  8. thegrayham

    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    Timney makes an excellent trigger for it (I have one), just nothing for the single stage guys.
  9. thegrayham

    Rifle Scopes The Arken Optics Thread (merged)

    I just texted Arken about the EP4 6-24 mil shr that I ordered in February.. they said mid June for me.
  10. thegrayham

    Rifle Scopes Looking for a scope, but don’t know what

    I agree with Eoddave, if you want a top end magnification over 6x, I would look at ffp. You may want to use your reticle at something less than full magnification when shooting at 400-600 yards, but still need to do hold overs or measure for corrections. Edit: do you want an lpvo 1-X or...
  11. thegrayham

    Rifle Scopes Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10x

    I am waiting on one from Eurooptic, need to reach out and get an eta.
  12. thegrayham

    Cast Iron Skillets

    I buy new lodge pans and then sand them smooth.. cheap and gets me vintage / high end cast iron performance.
  13. thegrayham

    Fieldcraft Ham Radio Contact

    40m and 20m work best for me, but I can try 80 if that's what others prefer. Nights and weekends would be my preference for timeing, but could also likely do earlyish in the mornings. I am in the San Diego / SoCal area.
  14. thegrayham

    Mag pouches

    I'm a G-Code Scorpion fan myself.....
  15. thegrayham

    Fieldcraft Ham Radio Contact

    I would be interested in a net depending on time... my wife is currently working from home and the office is also my shack.
  16. thegrayham

    6.5 Hornady American Gunner

    I use it for 600 yard and in plinking and as a consistent source of brass. Its relativity consistent but the mv is slow.
  17. thegrayham

    Ruger Precision Rifle Discussion

    The barrel life of the 6.5 is a nice benefit, the only other benefit is factory ammo, but if you are reloading then that doesn't really matter. I think for your use case it really does come down to personal preference as you indicated.
  18. thegrayham

    Fix It Sticks - kit worth it?

    I have the older kit with the different sizes of limiters and bits and then added in a few wiha extended bits. If I were looking now I would get the newer all in one kit that they have for $115 and add the specific bits my guns need from wiha. Either way I love my fix it sticks kit.
  19. thegrayham


    I am running the outdoorsmen mount and stud with an arca rail on the bottom. Working great so far.