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  1. captnmo

    Suppressors What are you using to suppress SBR .300 BLK

    I'm looking to put a suppressor on a 9" Sig MCX Virtus .300 BLK. I've looked at the Sig suppressors and they look good. Just wondering what else you all are using. I'm open to either QD or direct thread options, leaning toward the QD.
  2. captnmo

    Suppressors POF 308 feed issues with Surefire Suppressor

    I'm having FTF/FTE issues with my 14.5 POF 308 with a QD Surefire FA762K suppressor. I've fired the rifle many times without a suppressor with no issues. I turn the adjustable gas block to "suppressed" mode and most times the spent case won't eject or the bolt doesn't cycle all to the rear and...
  3. captnmo

    GAP-10 with Hogan handguard

    Hey all, I just received my new GAP-10 upper with the Noveske switch block and muzzle brake to adapt to my Surefire 762K suppressor. It was originally going to be an 8-10 month wait but turned into 15 months due to hand guards and other parts. Turns out they've switched to Hogan hand guards. Any...
  4. captnmo

    Montana X-treme cleaning rods

    Anybody use them? My problem with other rods is the handles are too large and they bump up against my stock, forcing the rod down at an angle and potentially damaging the crown, even with a bore guide. By looking at the Montana X-treme rods, they seem to have a nice slim handle but they're $52...
  5. captnmo

    Suppressors Surefire 556-212

    Where can I find one? Seems legacy surefire cans are hard to come by wth the new SOCOM models out these days.
  6. captnmo

    Suppressors Where can I get a Surefire FA762K anymore?

    So I had my rigs setup to accept the Surefire FA762K suppressor and I just never got around to ordering one before I went to Afghanistan. Now I'm being told they discontinued the K and SS models and are only going with the new SOCOM model. The bitch of it is the SOCOM won't work on the adapter...
  7. captnmo

    Gunsmithing Looking for info on Don Bartlett.

    Anyone know about this gentleman's work? Particularly with M1As. I understand he's the former Marine Corps marksmanship commander
  8. captnmo

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Marines to field Colt .45 1911

    I think this is a great move by the USMC. I hope the Army is paying attention.'
  9. captnmo

    Suppressors Surefire/AR-10 dilema

    I currently have a 18" GAP-10 with the Surefire MB762SSAL/RE brake that adapts to the 762SS model suppressor (the one that overlaps). I have a Larue 14.5" PredatOBR on order. My intent was to have the same brake installed so the same suppressor would work on both. But the 14.5" barrel is to...
  10. captnmo

    Noveske 7.62 upper with switchblock?

    Does Noveske make a 7.62 upper receiver with their switchblock? I was in a local gunstore and they said they had one. But I looked on Noveske's website and they are not listed. I had this discussion with their CS in the past and they said they were thinking about doing it but not sure if that...
  11. captnmo

    Gunsmithing two-month storage in the garage

    Not sure if this has been specifically covered or not, but is it ok to put some sort of grease in the barrel for storage of about two to three months? I rotate in and out of OCONUS for short periods and only store all my guns in a safe in the garage. It never really gets below 45 degrees in my...
  12. captnmo

    Weird max OAL length reading on my gasser

    I just bought a Hornady OAL gauge and seemed to successfully measure the max OAL to the lands with a 175SMK on my Savage 10FCP. About 2.82 or so. Then I did the same on my GAP-10 and get a max OAL touching the lands at 2.772 with the ogive at 2.186. Book max OAL is 2.800 for the 175 gr. I was...
  13. captnmo

    Decker Penalized for saluting the troops

    Even though he saluted on one knee and with the wrong hand, his heart was in the right place and shouldn't be penalized for this. The NFL needs to let this one slide.
  14. captnmo

    Hornady and BHA reloaded brass chambers tight

    I just got through reloading some 2nd and 3rd used Hornady and Black Hills Ammo brass with Hornady 168 gr .308. I loaded to 2.800 COAL and 2.178-2.180 from the ogive. All these reloads have been FL resized through Forester dies. I noticed they're a bit stiff when cambering into my Savage 10FCP...
  15. captnmo

    Sinclair/Wilson Ultimate!

    After about four months of waiting, I finally got this trimmer in the mail. I went to set it up and found that I would tighten the thumb screw that locks the micrometer in place and I could still easily rotate the micrometer. I get a slight (emphasize "slight") bit of resistance but its not...
  16. captnmo

    Sidearms & Scatterguns I want a .45 tactical compact...your thoughts

    I'm interested in getting into a .45 tactical, threaded barrel, compact type handgun. First thing that comes to mind is the HK USP compact tactical. It's already threaded, DA/SA, good quality. But before I spend that kind of cash, wanted to get some opinions on what else was out there...
  17. captnmo

    Sinclair-Wilson Ultimate Trimmer wait time - WTF?

    I ordered the Sinclair/Wilson ultimate trimmer with micrometer adjustment early in July and still nothing. They can't provide me with an ETA either. All they say is it's on backorder indefinitely. I've heard nothing but good things about this company but this doesn't seem on par with what I've...
  18. captnmo

    .008 difference in seating depth

    I just started using the Redding competition seating die and having inconsistent depth. I'm measuring off the ogive and get anywhere between .003 to .008 differences. I can tell the amount of pressure I put on it when seating makes a difference as well, like there's a bit of slop in either the...
  19. captnmo

    I want to setup my last reloading bench

    Ok, so I made the difficult decision to sell my motorcycle and fund my greater obsession of shooting. I'm new to reloading and started with a Lee starter kit. I may be upgrading that to a Forrester Co-Ax or something along those lines of quality for precision shooting. I've been reading a lot...
  20. captnmo

    .260 in an AR Platform

    I'm thinking about making the transition from 308 to 260 in an AR platform. But what I'm gathering from a lot of reading is that .260 is a great round out of a bolt gun. However, would I be trading off the advantages of the .260 projectile to keep the advantages of an AR rifle (i.e. barrel...