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  1. gonzaga

    Accessories Misc Items For sale

    I'll take those 2 red tax ammo carriers too. Shoot me a PM. Thanks
  2. gonzaga

    Rimfire MORE AVAILABLE: LAPUA/SK Rimfire Ammo Pelican 1040 Inserts (See last post)

    Got my insert last night when I got home. What a perfect fit. Very well made. Kudos to you sir on a great product, buy in confidence. I'll have to buy some more cases and get some more inserts for some local kids that shoot the 22 matches.
  3. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment SOLD .223/5.56 1x Fired Brass For Sale

    I'll take the brass for a friend. Send me a pm with your payment info. He hasn't been able to find any.
  4. gonzaga

    SOLD Sold

    I'll take this.
  5. gonzaga

    WTB Toyota Tacoma

    I have a 2011 with everything you want, except for the mileage. I have 215k on mine and it still doesn't have 1 oil leak or burn any oil. Good luck on your quest.
  6. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment Sierra .224 77 gr. HPBT Match King

    Let me ask my buddy if he is interested in these. I'll let you know tomorrow
  7. gonzaga

    Accessories Armageddon Gear, Reloader 33, Brass, binos, misc. parts and accessories

    I'll take the other small bag for 20.00 with the tether
  8. gonzaga

    Who is betting against Brady this weekend

    The Bucs showed up ready to play....can't take it away from Brady... he is the GOAT.
  9. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6 dasher dies

    Found some, thanks
  10. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6 dasher dies

    Just wondering if anyone has any dasher dies that they no longer need or use. Thought I would check here before ordering. I had been looking at Forster or Redding.
  11. gonzaga

    So 20 years ago almost to the day....

    Congrats on the news AG. Them babies change your life for the better... you will kick yourself for waiting so long.... Hope the baby is healthy and happy and surrounded by LOVE...
  12. gonzaga

    SOLD .224 52g and 50g Target and Varmint (Berger and Nosler)

    If these are available I'll take them
  13. gonzaga

    Reloading Equipment CCI 450s

    Milehighshooting had some last time I looked
  14. gonzaga

    Rimfire Looking for 40gr Federal .22LR

    I have several boxes. I'm looking federal gold match ammo....
  15. gonzaga


    I have that same case for my Swarovski 20-60 spotter. Works great.
  16. gonzaga

    Accessories SOLD - Accuracy International AT/AW 7.62 Magazines

    I'll take them both if still available
  17. gonzaga

    Accessories JuNkWorKs dOpE cArDs $15

    Thats cool, how much?