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  1. millertime2

    Left Hand Sale WTB Left hand R700 stainless SA 308BF

    Looking for a Rem 700 left hand stainless short action with 308 bolt face. Might consider a used custom if the price is right. Thanks
  2. millertime2

    Left Hand Sale WTB left hand remington short action receiver

    I'm sure its a long shot but looking for a stainless left hand receiver short action. I already have a bolt so receiver only would be a plus to save me some money. Thanks.
  3. millertime2

    Reloading Equipment RCBS die set

    RCBS die set $35 shipped
  4. millertime2

    SOLD JP 34mm cantilever mount

    $165 to your door just mocked up the scope in it that’s all.
  5. millertime2

    Optics *SOLD* Vortex PST Gen II 5-25x50 ebr2c mrad

    Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25x50 FFP mil/mil EBR2c reticle. Like new I had it as a backup only was on a rifle to sight in. Comes with Vortex PMR rings and Defender caps as well as the box and manual. $900 tyd would trade + cash for Nightforce C632
  6. millertime2

    SOLD Criterion 6.5x47L savage threads prefit

    28” Criterion Bull 6.5x47 Lapua for Savage threads 1-8 twist. Comes with Northland precision ground barrel nut and custom muzzle brake Has 825 rounds down it. $200 shipped
  7. millertime2

    Accessories SOLD SA Manners EH1A carbon

    Short action Manners EH1A like new. Has been previously bedded for Stiller Spectre, comes with Atlas pic rail and brand new Hawkins precision M5 bottom metal. Proof Sendero barrel channel $775 shipped
  8. millertime2

    Accessories WTB- M5 SA bottom metal. Checking here before I buy new

    Looking for a M5 bottom metal thanks
  9. millertime2

    Left Hand Sale FS Bix’N Andy Tac sport 2 stage *SOLD*

    Bix’N Andy Tac Sport 2 stage with bottom bolt release left hand. $200 shipped
  10. millertime2

    Left Hand Sale WTB Triggertech Special

    Looking for a TT special lefty with bolt release for my kids rifle. Preferably pro curve. Thanks
  11. millertime2

    Firearms WTB Bighorn Origin RH SA 308 BF (FOUND)

    PM me if anyone is looking to move one. Thanks
  12. millertime2

    Nosler 80 gr 6mm BT

    150 Nosler Ballistic tips .243 80 grain $45 shipped
  13. millertime2

    Reloading Equipment Warner 121 flatlines 6.5mm

    Warner Flatlines 121 gr 6.5mm There are 70 bullets $65 shipped
  14. millertime2

    Accessories Bell and Carlson Savage SA SOLD

    Selling a Bell and Carlson tactical Medalist for Short action Savage 4.4” spacing. Includes CDI Precision bottom metal inletted by CDI. $475 to your door. Bipod not included.
  15. millertime2

    Savage 6.5x47

    Selling a Savage model 10 with Criterion 28” barrel in 6.5x47. Bedded in a Bell and Carlson tactical Medalist stock with CDI precision bottom metal. Factory accu trigger with a lighter spring. Approximately 625 rounds down the tube. Includes the 20 MOA base but does not include the scope or...
  16. millertime2

    Bushnell 1 mile w/conx SOLD

    1 mile Elite range finder works well bluetoothing with a Kestrel. $350. Now $300 shipped
  17. millertime2

    Kestrel advice

    We are attempting 1800 yards this weekend if it doesn’t rain. I don’t have any dope for this rifle that far but I recently acquired a 5700 elite and was wondering will the AB custom curve be closer than using the G1 or G7? There’s only about 3 tenths difference so it’s not a huge deal just...
  18. millertime2

    Area 419 Hellfire 30 cal *SOLD*

    Hellfire .30 cal for sale 140 shipped
  19. millertime2

    308 reloading

    Man I’m struggling to find a good load for my 308 and getting frustrated or I just suck as a shooter. (More the latter). My list of components if anyone has some advice. 178 ELDM 175 Nosler custom Comps 175 Berger LRBT 185 Berger Hybrids Nosler Brass Federal brass Lapua brass Winchester large...
  20. millertime2

    Origin with J. Allen

    I’m wondering if anyone can confirm that a Bighorn Origin will work with a J Allen chassis that is for a Rem 700 footprint. I’d like to put one together as a switch barrel with a barrel nut wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this combo. Thanks