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  1. LibertyArms

    WTB A.R.M.S Inc #59m rail

    Does anyone have arms #59 m or c rail ? rifle length. beat up ok. needing a project rail.
  2. LibertyArms

    WTB Anyone have 6mm 107 SMKs

    Anyone have a 500 bx 6mm 107 smks out there willing to part with ?
  3. LibertyArms

    Night Vision Pvs 14 parts kit

    Have a complete pvs 14 parts kit. Minus tube . Daul batt housing unit, clean glass, spare battery cap, works as it should and complete. Throw your tube In and go play. 500.00
  4. LibertyArms

    Optics Sold

    Demo trijicon accupower 1-8 , segmented MOA grid circle. Bright illumination, 34mm tube , box and paperwork as new. 850.00 shipped. Insurance on you if wanted.
  5. LibertyArms

    Firearms Sold

    Have 2x shadow systems built units. SS9F with the LFT slide cuts. Both used in a few classes but not abused. 1x ss9f , threaded fluted barrel. Used approx 2k rounds. with RMR cut and cover, threaded barrel, night sights, full SS build .Comes with case, pistol and magazine, and the extras like...
  6. LibertyArms

    Firearms SIG 320 Compact RX

    SIG 320 Compact RX 3.9" barrel with SIG Romeo Red Dot Optic 2 Fifteen round magazines. X Compact frame with SIG straight trigger & extended ledge take down lever, case, ready to run. Clean and little use. Shipping on you. 700.00
  7. LibertyArms

    Reloading Equipment WTB- mini mr bullet feeder 223 & 284 Win dies

    As it says. Looking for a mini mr bullet feeder in 223 with bullet die. If you have one your willing to part with Also needing a set or redding FL or 3 die set of 284 winchester dies cant seem to find them either
  8. LibertyArms

    Reloading Equipment 338,6cm, 9mm, brass and bullets.308,45,223, H1000

    Shipping on your dime due to weight May trade for cci 450 unicorn horns, or 6mm 107 smk/105 hybrids . if local. * normal prices for both parties* 500 un opened 300gr .338 SMK 375.00 SOLD - 500 un opened 142 gr, 6.5 SMK 200.00 SOLD un opened 124gr, 9mm xtreme 57.00 100 new Lapua 338 Lapua...
  9. LibertyArms

    Reloading Equipment WTB 284 dies

    Looking for redding fl or 3 die set. No one has them anywhere. If ya have set of straight 284 dies for sale let me know ...thanks.
  10. LibertyArms

    Night Vision CNVD-T thermal $$drop

    Used in good shape. CNVD-T, stand alone with cross hair, scanner, or clip on. Works as it should. With case, optic, cleaning kit. Does not have the other accessories with it. 4000.00 May take trades on Mk5 HDs CCH reticle, 107 smks, 105 hybrids, etc
  11. LibertyArms

    Accessories SOLD

    Sold. - Krieger, unchambered, 6.5 , 8.5 twist, rifle lengrh gas, for grendel or the like small frame ar barrel blank. With extension, 24" , 5/8x24 muzzle 250.00 SOLD New, mcmillan mc3 stock, legend deluxe dbm, with mc3 dbm. Spacers, adjust cheek 300.00 SOLD 11.5 complete upper. Used ...
  12. LibertyArms

    Optics Wtb- mk4 3.5-10 & McM a1-3

    Looking for a old beat up 3.5-10 in TMR . Maybe others with tmr. Need low power range. Also needing a Mcmillan A1-3 r700 SA , M5 bottom metal
  13. LibertyArms

    Optics 2x badger COMM 34mm

    Have two badger ordnance COMM mounts. Pt# 170-340. 34mm 1.70 height. One tan and one black. Both like new and demo only. 275 shipped ea. Or trade for a 35mm tan COMM
  14. LibertyArms

    Firearms 6.5x47 , 6mm CM, Vudoo 22

    Sold. 6.5x47 Lapua, Stiller Tac30, Bartelin 25" m40, fluted muzzle 5/8x24, with AREA 419 Hell fire, Sitting in a McMillan A6 PRS, Hawkins Precision M5 bottom metal, Timney calvin elite trigger @ 1lb, Cerakote on Stock and BA. Is used , 760 rounds logged. SUb 1/2 with varget and 142smks/140...
  15. LibertyArms

    Firearms 2011, 43x, Shadow Systems 17, Army45lc

    Sold. Have a 2011 built on a STI frame, stippled, Kart 9mm NM barrel, flat trigger, Complete parts list on request, Milled for the leupold delta point pro, 2 17rnd, and 1 21 rnd STI mags. 1250.00 1500.00 with new Deltapoint PRo and box. New Glock 43x, stippled frame, Custom slide with...
  16. LibertyArms

    Accessories Silynx Clarus XPR Comm's

    SOLD Ops Core Fast carbon Bump, multicam, is used and shows it but fully functional. Xlg, 550.00 Will include a Princeton light, but no other accessories. 3x Sylinx Clarus XPR sets. Fixed up lead, modular down lead for your radio. 575.00 ea * I have some MBITR 6 pin & Motorola xts down leads...
  17. LibertyArms

    Night Vision Sure Shot Night Vision SNB Filters & PVS27 WP

    Jay was kind enough to send some filters to try out for our night shoot recently, as well as one of his retubed pvs 27's. This is a quick overview of both. Jay sent a White PVS27 Echo tubed unit, ( he can give specs) with a SNB filter installed in the flip cap housing. We had some issues at...
  18. LibertyArms

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Serbu shorty 870 forend

    Any have a lead on the 870 super shorty forend ? I belive they where discontinued. Looking for the olding vertical grip forend
  19. LibertyArms

    Accessories WTB serbu shorty forend 870

    Looking for a super shorty vertical grip/forend for an 870 . Let me.know if you have one.
  20. LibertyArms

    Accessories Team Wendy exfil carbon.....harris bipods

    #1 SOLD - TEAM Wendy exfil carbon bump with 3.0 rails .multicam im color.size 1 M/L, Have an extra one not going to use. comes as kit with helmet, chin strap extender, bungee cords, rail sections. 600.00 shipped SOLD - 2x harris 6-9 notch legs , hawk hill feet, kmw pod locks, and americam...