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    I borescoped an unused cut rifled barrel: help me learn about what I'm looking at.

    I think that the last sentence of this post is very valid. Many people are stating that if it shoots good don't worry about it. But to me how long it shoots good is very important. And how easy it cleans is valid as well.
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    Which barrel.

    Not really my experience. I know that Criterion barrels are cheaper but the really Premium button barrels seem to be priced about the same as Bartlein. Hart, Schneider, Benchmark. Seem to shoot just as good too. DST is a Hart distributer. Ask them about those while you are at it.
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    GA Precision PPR vs Accuracy International AT-X

    Because it goes back to the OP, Looks to me like you aren't getting much for the $2500 difference. Especially if you compare it to a chassis based production rifle.
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    GA Precision PPR vs Accuracy International AT-X

    The PPR has a 3/8 minute guarantee so what difference does hand fitting make. But some of you are right that we are comparing a traditional stock rifle to the more versatile AI chassis. I think this discussion would be better if we where maybe comparing the AI to some of the other Production...
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    Rifle for Youth Shooter

    I would be looking for maybe a Sendero Contour. Barrels keep getting better and better. I'm not sure that heavier offers the same advantages it used to.
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    Hunting Application

    I would go 338 win mag
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    Suarez Tactical Rifle (STR) value for insurance?

    Yes it will definitely have to be an agreed value. One thing that you really need is a build sheet or in this case a 3rd party aprasial. About as important as the appraisal would be a good itemized discription of what you got McMillian A5. $550 Bartlein Barrel installed $650 XYZ Bottom metal...
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    Suarez Tactical Rifle (STR) value for insurance?

    I would insure for cost of replacement. Maybe 3k for a custom tactical Remington 700. As far as actual value White Mamba is about right I think
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    2k outta the box best bet

    I agree. 500 more will get you into some of the best precision rifles money can buy. Check out the Deep South Tactical offering while your at it.
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    PAC-nor current lead times... faster ,slower or just about right?

    I know that all the barrel makers seem to be backed up. I am interested to hear reviews on Pac Nor after rebuilding from the fire. I'm sure I don't want one pointed at me.
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    Opinions on components for first custom build

    I would really reconsider your cartridge choices. I don't know of anything in West Virginia that needs that kind of power. Just getting a standard 6.5 Creed will serve you better and get you closer to your weight goals and be much easier and less costly to shoot.
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    Accessories Proof Research SS Blanks

    I'll take one of the 308 9twist M24 barrels.
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    Deciding between Bartlein and Krieger barrels

    No I dont think Bartlein is worth $45 more. I don't think there is a dimes worth of difference.
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    Best Predator Hunting Caliber

    I vote for a 6 Creed as well. Just because it is more versatile in case you ever need it for deer.
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    Best bang for the buck 1000 yard rifle?

    I really think the best bang for your buck in a long range 1000 yard rifle are the new precision rifle series production class rifles that some builders are making. They are limited to $2500 and some companies have put together a great package for that price. American Rifle Company had the...
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    Barrel Flaw or other?

    2k rounds on a 223 Ackley isn't a bad life. I'm with flyright. The cost of machining recrowning and chambering doesn't appeal to me and is cost prohibitive. If you plumb your own then I guess it's worth it.
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    David Miller Rifles

    Me too!!
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    David Miller Rifles

    Fact of the matter is some people are just that wealthy. They think no more about buying a 50k rifle than I think about buying a newspaper. It's capitalism. American's have been extremely successful and it shows. Just think of the success that is represented here on the hide. Think of all...
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    Bottom metal choice

    It really depends what you want. Personal preference. For a hunting rig I don't like the badger because in my opinion it is too easy to release a mag. Better for competitions. I don't like my bottom metal sticking out . I like the flush look so I have APA RPR bottom metal on my magazine fed...
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    KMW Loggerhead hardware

    Stock doc may be able to help. He provided mine. Of course he was doing the work