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    PRS Talk Curtis Vector

    Been having some slam fire issues with my Curtis Vector with Trigger Tech Diamond. Only happens in the lower trigger settings. Other than that, works just fine when I’m about 3-4 clicks past flush with the adjuster into the trigger housing. Could be a stupid question but does the Vector come...
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    Accessories WTB: SEB Joy Pod

    Please me know if you have one for sale.
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    Firearms FS/WTT: 300 Norma Mag CIP Reamers and Gauges

    $350 shipped for the entire lot. Sell what you don’t need. Have a new unused set of JGS and PTG reamers Go/No-Go Gauges. JGS Rougher Reamer JGS Finish Reamer Go/No-Gauges (PTG set and JGS set) $80 PTG Resizer Reamer $100 (2) 30 cal resizing blanks $40 each JGS rougher/finish reamer is only...
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    SOLD Original LRA Tactical F-Class Bipod

    Comes with new rubber feet (+ pack of 10 extras) and LRA Quick detach lever. Solid bipod with no issues - looks brand new. $450 or trade for Phoenix
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    WTB Kahles k1050 MOAK

    Please PM if you have one available
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    FS: KAK 338 Reloading Block

    $35 shipped
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    FS: Vortex Viper PST GenII 5-25 EBR-2C Reticle

    No trades please. Scope was bought new 2 months ago with one range trip it is in LNIB condition and will come with everything listed (will not separate). $1200 Will come with: - Scope - Spuhr SP-3001 - ADD Mount Scope Caps Factory boxes and all OEM content will be included.
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    SOLD: Vortex Razor GenII 4.5-27 EBR-2C with Spuhr Mount

    No trades please. Scope was bought new less than 2 years old and in 100% condition (Glass perfect, tracks perfect, no blemishes). Will include original box and everything inside from the factory. $OLD shipped with all listed: - Scope - Spuhr SP-4002 - Accuracy First Level - ADD MOUNT Scope...
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    REMOVED: Surgeon XL/ JAllen 300 Norma

    Chambered and built by Randy at R&D Precision JAllen (Tan) Chassis specific to Surgeon 1581XL Action Arca-2 & Arca-6 rail Standard rail Rear Bagrider 2” and 5” pic rail Surgeon 1581XL Action Tactical bolt knob TriggerTech Special x3 Bartlein Barrels (1 installed, 2 blanks) Installed barrel...
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    SOLD: Surgeon 338 Bottom Metal (1581XL)

    As the title says. Brand new and unused. Got it with my 1581XL action. $300 shipped or trade for the following.: *Area419 6.5mm Hellfire (5/8x24) *Area419 30cal Sidewinder (3/4x24) *30 cal barrel blank (Heavy Palma or M24) *AW 308 Magazines Thanks for looking. Joe
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    WTB: Spuhr SP-3001

    Let me know if you have one. 0 MOA 30mm Medium Height
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    FS or Trade: JAllen Chassis for Surgeon 1581XL

    JAllen chassis for sale $1200 shipped or trade for Cadex Strike Dual chassis. JAllen comes with Arca-6 rail, Arca-2 rail and rear bag rider. Prefer FTF (SoCal) but can ship. *Please note, this JAE700 chassis is specific only to the Surgeon 1581XL action.