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    Precision Rifle Gear Talk me into a RRS 34L TFCT

    I just had my 34L delivered yesterday. I’m 6’-3” and glad I went with the 34L so I can comfortably use Binos for spotting.
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    Eye protection

    I tried these, the gel cups and they really do work.
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    Kestrel Online Class

    Thank you immensely for putting this together.
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    Training Courses Interest in a class with Frank at MSCA in Lewistown, PA for 2021

    Is the three day course not going to work with your travel schedule?
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    Truing your Ballistic Calculator with Weaponized Math

    This truing tutorial is seriously good reading.
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    Training Courses Interest in a class with Frank at MSCA in Lewistown, PA for 2021

    With time to plan ahead, that sounds like the way to go. ✔️✔️
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    Training Courses Interest in a class with Frank at MSCA in Lewistown, PA for 2021

    In for the PA class. Hoping this would be the three day course?
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    Group Buys Tac Ops Drag Bag Group CLOSED 9/5!

    Thanks for keeping this open. 1 Large/Long DB in coyote, please. @Aries64
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    Pan head for spotting scope

    For one more data point, I picked up a Sirui VA-5 two years ago and I'm very pleased. Super smooth panning, friction adjustments and a very solid unit.
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    Berger No BS BC Series Part 4 ELR

    Really good stuff to get Brian and Emil in this multi-part discussion. There's more time to drill down on topics and listen to the finer details.
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    Rifle Scopes SPUHR Mount - Replacement Clamping Screws - Where to Find?

    I did the same thing with my first Spuhr mount. I called Mile High and they were awesome. They sent a half dozen new screws at no charge as a warranty repair.
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    Training Courses Shooter's Gauntlet - Any Experience/Feedback?

    I attended the May 16-17 Long Range Level 2 course. This was taught by Bob Raimo and Ron Smith. BLUF: don't hesitate to attend. Bob is an excellent instructor and will take you through 100 yard zero confirmation, data management, scope tracking drills, tall target test and targets out to...
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    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    My hard copy preorder arrived today. Woo hoo. I just had time to page through it but I really like what I see. Thanks for your efforts, Frank.
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    Training Courses Precision rifle schools near southern WV? Also trauma first aid?

    Storm Mountain is apparently closing. I read that the owner is retiring and noticed they have nothing listed on their website for classes. I'm signed up for the Modern Day Sniper class at Pigg River, also. See you there.
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    New grey background

    Ahhh. I was getting a sunburn with the bright white background. Thanks for the assist.
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    1 Million Downloads Part Two Spotting

    Good discussion on spotter / shooter dialogue where brief and concise are winners. .
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    1 Million Downloads of the Everyday Sniper Podcast

    Well deserved congratulations for all your efforts.