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    WTB Tikka 308 CTR barrel

    Anyone got one they’re trying to get rid of?
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    Night Vision Like New L3 ATPIAL-C Black

    Comes with owners manual, pattern generators, pressure switch and factory pouch. Only used one night match and then stored. 1300.00 shipped PP FF or Venmo
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    WTB Surefire 6.5/260 muzzle brake

    Looking for a Surefire 6.5/260 5/8x24 brake
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    SOLD 200rds Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140 ELD-M

    Full case, same lot 625.00 shipped PayPal FF, Venmo or Zelle.
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    SOLD New in Wrapper Leupold Mark 5 7-35x56 Tremor 3 - LOWER PRICE

    Bought this for a rifle that I never built. Still sealed in the wrapper from the factory. 2375 shipped and insured 2250.00 shipped 1/28/21
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    SOLD IRay MH25 w/ PVS eye and KVC bridge plus PVS Adapter

    IRay MH25 with PVS14 eye and KVC bridge with PVS adapters. Bought new from UNV and it’ll come with everything pictures plus original eyepiece and Anker USB cord and battery pack. Unit has about 10hrs on it, another victim of having a baby. New everything was right at 6,000 plus tax...
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    Optics Adams Industries Sentinels with WP Photonis Echo Tubes

    Adams Industries Sentinels with WP Photonis Echo Tubes. Brand new tubes with less than 15 minutes on them. This was a back up set I had built up and they have been sitting in the safe. Includes AI sacrificial lenses and will come with data sheets 6750.00 shipped
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    Rifle Scopes Finally took the 3-18x50 Gen 2 Razor out

    It was a good day to get the scope zeroed and smack some steel. The rifle I apologize for the crappy reticle pics, had a hard time getting to camera to focus on the recticle Hostage target at 500yds Plate at 1150.00 I love the EBR-2C reticle. The open center makes...
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    My bastardized T3

    I'm loving these Tikkas more and more, I'm up to 3 and a half now and I wanted something short and fun to shoot. T3 Varmint cut to 16" and profiled for my OPS 3rd MDT LSS Chassis Vortex 2.5-10x32 FFP
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    Anyone know of a machine shop good enough to mill down an AR-10 bolt carrier?

    My 308 is hard as hell to shoot and I think it's because of all the mass slamming home when firing. Can anyone recommend a machine shop that is capable of removing material off of my carrier?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Not a 1911 guy anymore but this still blows my skirt up

    My inner commie shows it self when it comes to 1911s, i'll take a plastic gun any day of the week in an unamerican caliber but that's besides the point. This came into work today and it still makes my pants tight
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    Finally got my bastard 308 together!

    I've been waiting for a long ass time to find the right rail and the Fortis Switch really piqued my interest. So I decided to try out one Si Defense upper and lower WOA 16" 1:10 Barrel Armalite AR10 BCG Geissele DMR JP Silent Capture function tested the gun today without...
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    Thank you Accurate Ordnance

    Want to say thank you to Mark and the guys at Accurate Ordnance. They took great care of one of my customers and friend. This was his first custom and he didn't know what he wanted so I pointed him towards Accurate Ordnance, both heand a I are super pleased with how professional these guys are...
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    Anyone know how to get a hold of alpha industries?

    I have 4 mags that won't feed and can't get a hold of them. I've sent emails, requested a RMA, and called as well
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    Pictures of my Beanland/Surgeon/XLR carbon gun at the range today with my Beanland Tikka

    Needed to test out some loads on the 6mm SLR so I drug out the 300WM since it's been feeling neglected The ugly duckling Cool sequence and a good capture The 6mm SLR Phoenix customs bolt knob TRG Trigger
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    Slapped together a new match rifle, Tikka T3 in 6mm SLR

    After shooting my 300WM in the last match I was officially banned from using that gun again since I destroyed 6 targets, oops, so I scrambled to put together another rifle. Settled on the the 6mm SLR because brass was easier and cheaper to come by and the ballistics really impressed me. We...
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    Is this normal when forming 6mm SLR brass?

    I'm having a 6mm SLR built right now and decided to run a couple of pieces of brass through the sizing die to get an idea but the brass comes out with a "wavy" shoulder. The shoulder isn't perfectly flat and I can feel/see some high spots. I'm running winchester brass and redding Type S...
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    Anyone ever modify a TRG trigger and remove the bolt stop?

    Looking at the trigger assembly, i see what locks the bolt in place when the trigger is on safe and it doesn't look like it would be too difficult to remove. Anyone do this mod before?
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    Gunsmithing Tikka question...

    Since all of the Tikkas use the same action, does the action need to be modified to feed longer short action cartridges?
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    6mm SLR guys, who built your rifle and what are you using to neck size with?

    I've got most of my stuff in for my 6 SLR but i'm finding a lot of smiths don't have the reamer for this and was wondering who ya'll used for your builds. Also, I know redding does a bushing fl die and a micrometer seater but they don't list a neck die. Are y'all using a 6xc neck die? thank you